Thursday, February 27, 2014

OXIN Shopping Center in Mashhad, under construction

Nearing completion is the OXIN Shopping Center, actively being constructed in Mashhad

Rendering of completed OXIN Shopping Center in Mashhad. Structure will feature ten levels.

Earth imagery and map situating OXIN Shopping Center in Mashhad

Photos: Oxin Shopping Center


Mark Pyruz said...

It's possible the Mashhad construction boom is related to improved access from Shia countries such as Iraq, as well as the impact of sanctions, with Iranian vacationers turning to domestic tourism.

In any event, persons maintaining the narrative that Iran's economy is in ruins (and that's the only reason they're now negotiating over their nuclear program) would do well to study evidence such as that provided above.

Anonymous said...

So, pictures of shopping malls are now "evidence" of a healthy economy? But not pesky things like facts and figures (why look at GDP growth rate, inflation, unemployment, etc when you got pictures at the mall). Introducing Number 208:

Anonymous said...

agreed. a picture of few cranes is what it takes to label a country progressive. the guy is unbelievably naiive for his age or he assumes everyone else is an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Pyruz,why don't you show the real Iran executing political prisoners by hanging?

Anonymous said...

I am sure some of you have seen the news of a few days ago that Mr. Rouhani has promised to raise the growth rate of the country to zero percent. While zero has a negative connotation, it is a difficult reversal, to go from almost -2% to zero at a time when there are both internal and external pressure. By the way the above comment from Anonymous Feb 27 @ 7:20AM about introducing # 208 is just a cheap shot. It is interesting to note that, in terms of growth rate of GDP, Afghanistan is #3, US is #116, France is #179 and Denmark is #184. Review your Economics 101 ! G.H.A

Anonymous said...

Exactly Anon 10:30, the commentators above pick and choose those statistics that suits their aruguments, but leave out "pesky things like facts and figures" such as Irans purchasing power is 17th in the world.

By their logic the good ole superpower the USA is 6th in the world in GDP and lagging behind Qatar and Brunei, bermuda , Macau.

Iran also in terms of GDP is ranked basically in the top 20 (its 21st) so just increasing its rank by 1 would make it a G20 member

Im not listing the above to argue Iran is doing well, its not! Just that posting random rankings is meaningless when you dont know how to interpret them, or ignore other stats.

Anonymous said...

Here is a very interesting article from just 2 years ago before the sanctions had much teeth