Thursday, February 27, 2014

Turkish Increases Istanbul-Tehran Service

Turkish Airlines will start its 4th daily service from Istanbul to Tehran on 30 March, on board Boeing 737-800. (Airline Route, 27 February)

TK878 IST0110 – 0540IKA EQV D
TK870 IST1025 – 1455IKA 320 D
TK874 IST2050 – 0125+1IKA EQV D
TK872 IST2320 – 0350+1IKA 738 D

TK875 IKA0335 – 0525IST EQV D
TK873 IKA0520 – 0710IST 738 D
TK879 IKA0820 – 1015IST EQV D
TK871 IKA1555 – 1755IST 320 D

File photo: Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (


Anonymous said...

the real losers are the iranian people who have allowed turks to build a fortune on the back of iranians. before revolution no iranian would care about turkey and would try to avoid that nation like a plague.

after 30 odd years of this disgusting regime we are pleased to see turkish airlines flying more to iran cause this nation has lost its own national airline. what a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:11 PM......Back in those days Turks used to come near Iranian border to buy Iranian made freezers and air condition units.On the Turkish side the roads leading to the Iranian border was still unpaved until you arrived into Iran. In 1977 my father took me to Moscow Russia for two days before going to Germany. While I was there in the center of Moscow we past a department store with large crowds outside.My father asked his co-worker, "why the large crowd?" The co-worker replied, "they are selling Iranian made shoes in that department store".
This is what happens when Iranian people allow themselves to be fooled by criminals.

Anonymous said...

Agree with both Anon 5:11 and 10:30

The despicable akhoonds did indeed ruin Iran's image and wealth and foolishly declared enmity towards the strongest country on earth, USA, which can never be beat and who have infact tore the whole Iranian nation a new every now & then for the past 35 years. The haji regime supporters deserve whatever is coming for them. I only feel bad for the freedom loving people who are trapped inside Iran.