Friday, February 14, 2014

Stanmeyer Wins First Prize at World Press Photo Awards

Moonlit Image of Immigrants Trying to Connect to Loved Ones
American photojournalist John Stanmeyer has won first prize in the 2014 World Press Photo awards for his image of African migrants near Djibouti city.
The moonlit image shows men trying to get a phone signal from nearby Somalia.
Jury member Jillian Edelstein said the photo raised issues of technology, globalisation, migration, poverty, desperation, alienation and humanity. (BBC, 14 February)
Stanmeyer shot the winning image while on assignment for the US-based National Geographic, and said that it was an honor to win the prize.
“It connects to all of us,” he told the AFP. “It's just people trying to call loved ones. It could be you, it could be me, it could be any one of us.” (AFP/BBC, 14 February)
The prestigious awards, selected by an expert panel, have been running since 1955.

Photo credit: John Stanmeyer/ World Press Photo/Handout/AFP


Anonymous said...

sir you must be either naive or romantic. Somalians are probably the largest drains as immigrants on the host countries. what is the relevance of this anyway besides that you liked it?

Anonymous said...

How is it related to Iran's matters, where you "do not have apparently will" to provide important information about events or statements related to Iranian matters?

Examples: - Netanyahu statements about Rouhani..........
- statements by leaders of the Jewish minority in the Islamic Republic
- Rouhani's donation of $170 000 to the jewish hospital in the Islamic Republic
- essential Supreme Leader and Rouhani's statements, about their policies with the West
- American interference in Ukraine and their acceptance brutalities in Bahrain, in regard to
your concerns........... about "justice" in other parts of the world.
-............and many other examples, including your double standards when you claim to be exempt
from the critics by others, and your permissions to mock and slander others by your favored

Nader Uskowi said...

Cool down, this is about a prize-winning photo manifesting the plight of immigrants, with a technological twist. And there are an immigrant or two amongst us Iranians!

Anonymous said...

"sir you must be either naive or romantic. Somalians are probably the largest drains as immigrant on the host countries."

Do you want to remain insular? Or do you want to welcome humanity.