Saturday, August 18, 2012

Morsi to Attend NAM Summit in Tehran

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi will attend the NAM summit in Tehran on 30-31 August, Egypt’s official news agency MENA reported today.

Cairo and Tehran severed diplomatic relations after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. Morsi’s visit will be the first by an Egyptian leader to Iran since then.

Photo Credit: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (AFP/Mark Wilson)


Anonymous said...

Maybe he will ask for some money, and of course the Islamic regime will accommodate.
Meanwhile our people are still buried beneath the rubble after the earthquake.

Gifted one said...

So the Iranian prez is seated next to the Saudi King at OIC, and the Egyptian prez is going to Tehran? Wow...Iran really is isolated isn't it.

This is the prime moment for Israel to strike, when the Islamic world is divided. Good luck to 'em.(sarcasm alert)

Anonymous said...

"So the Iranian prez is seated next to the Saudi King at OIC,"

The Saudi King allowed the lapdog to sit beside him.And Iran is hosting NAM this year with Morsi attending.So what's your point?

But this still doesn't change the fact that our people are still under the rubble of the earthquake. And the Islamic fascist theocracy is isolated from the Iranian nation.

Anonymous said...

a great diplomatic success für pres ahmadi nejad

a couple of oic presidents are gathered in Teheran
They will support iran nuke program

Anonymous said...

anno Aug 18 1:36PM

ask for money ?

even Saudi,qatar and emirate offered millions to mursi, not to go to tehran.

and of course these Earthquake is the most important issue in histzory of iran.

I believe Iran needs 100 Years to recover from destroying some remote villages.

Anonymous said...

The earthquake is the most important issue in Iran,when you have people still buried under the rubble.

How would you feel if your loved ones was still buried under the rubble and the leadership jetted off to Saudi with little mention of the earthquake?
You believe what you like,but stop being an apologist for the regime at the cost of the Iranian people.

Anonymous said...

anno August 19, 2012 12:08 PM

what a stpuid demagogism !!

what would you do if your loved one is killed by a car accident

neither the Earthquake with small damage in Small Remote villages is relay a important issue,
it is only an accident, like car accident , neither it has any relation with NAM Meeting with presence of president Mursi.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:13 PM

Small damage!?
You insult the suffering Iranian people.
You are obviously not Iranian.Maybe you are one of their boys from southern Lebanon?
It explains a lot about your heartless kind.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:13 PM

I donot insult the suffering of the people but I insult rather your intelligence, which is obviouisly childich.which can not or wont to distinguish between a limited regional disaster and country wide disaster.

did you helped ever for example the people in Bam Earth Quake ?
did you ever donated money for this Earth Quake ?
by the way
The Boys of South lebanon are brave and fearless, they bind the israel Armee and prevent them to
attack iran.
They are fighter against a good Military power like Israel.
they habe my full respect
They are more iranian than Exil Iranian in LA.
did you fought in Iran-Irak War ?
if you did not, Than you are a nobody.

Anonymous said...

"neither the Earthquake with small damage in Small Remote villages is relay a important issue,it is only an accident,like an car accident,...."

It wasn't a "accident". It was a disaster you prat.
If you haven't anything better to say,just plug it.

Anonymous said...

August 19, 2012 7:00 PM
ja ja
as I guessed

neither donate somne thing for Bam, nor for This Earthquakr, nor fought in Iran-Irak war
and finaly not a reasonable person
that can breing any reasonable arguments

a typical exil iranian loser
salon patriot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:10 PM

Before you start criticizing my intelligence learn how to spell and go and read some books.
Then in ten years time when you're mature and educated enough come back for your exams.