Saturday, August 25, 2012

Golha: Flowers of Persian Song and Music

Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF) and IHF America have launched the Golha Project Website, a searchable encyclopedia of Persian poetry and music with audio recordings of all of the Golha radio programs, available for free to the general public.

“The programs known generally as Golha, ‘Flowers [of Persian Poetry and Song],' were a series of weekly radio programs aired on Iranian radio between 1956 and 1979. The musical and literary repertoire of the Golha programs covered the entire history of classical as well as contemporary Persian poetry, giving expression to the whole gamut of traditional Persian music and poetry,” IHF announcement said.

Uskowi on Iran extends its warmest congratulations and appreciation to IHF for their 7-year digitalization effort producing a gem of a work.

To access Golha website, please click here.

To read an informative introduction to the Golha program by Jane Lewisohn, indeed an introduction to Persian music, please click here.


Leo-Persica said...

congratulation to all Iranians and my most sincere thanks to Iran Heritage foundation.

The Iran Heritage Foundation is a non-political UK registered charity with the mission to promote and preserve the history, languages and cultures of Iran and the Persian world. The objectives of the Foundation are pursued by organizing, on a worldwide basis, diverse activities of cultural or scholarly merit.
I would recommend attending their fund raising events to help them preserve our beloved motherlands heritage.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for this foundation.If it wasn't for people like them,the mullahs would try and wipe out all of Iran's true heritage.

The mullahs are worse than vandals.