Monday, August 20, 2012

Rezaie on Israeli Threat

Mohsen Rezaie, the publisher of the popular news site Tabnak and former IRGC commander who is now the Secretary of Expediency Council became the latest Iranian official to predict Israel’s ‘annihilation’ if it attacked Iran.

“If the Zionists (Israel) commit the folly and attack Iran, they will receive a crushing response from Islamic Republic's armed forces which will lead to their annihilation,” Rezaie said on Monday.

Rezaie added, however, that the recent threats by Israeli officials about attacking Iran are ‘psychological warfare’ and not real. He linked them to an attempt by Israel to undermine the importance of the upcoming summit of non-aligned nations (NAM) in Tehran. 


B.M.A said...


Mr Uskowi, with due respect, wasn't this "ISRAEL THREAT" from Rezaie not a response to THE WAR THREATS coming from Landau and others war dreamers in ISRAEL?.BUT I THINK THE WORD THREAT HAS TWO DEFINITIONS!-LOL!!

Nader Uskowi said...


The post is on Rezaie’s reaction to threats by Israel. What’s your objection to the title?

Anonymous said...

By Iran Nuclear Missile, Syrian Chemical and biological and Hizbollah Asymmetric Land and missile attack, even if they were as big as Saudi they could have no chance