Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Former Syrian PM: Assad Government Collapsing

Former Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab, who defected to Jordan last week, said today the Syrian government is collapsing "morally, financially and militarily." He added the regime is controlling only 30 percent of Syrian territory.

Hijab called on the country’s opposition inside and outside the country to unite
and on the Syrian army to stand alongside its people. He said he was joining the rebel side

"I urge the army to follow the example of Egypt's and Tunisia's armies - take the side of people," Hijab said. "Syria is full of officials and military leaders who are awaiting the right moment to join the revolt," he added. (BBC, 14 August)


Leopersica said...

There was a Bold Op-Ed published in NYT by Vali Nassr discussing the after math of a likely Assad Departure from power in Syria,Interestingly he is of the opinion that those who think with the fall of Assad regime Syria is back in business are dreaming of a rose garden that will never blossom ,in fact he paints a Lebanon or Iraq picture for Syria after Assad.
His reasons i should say I agree with them completely first you should realize that Syria is a country much like Iraq a majority that has been ruled by a minority according to Nassr its never about Assad its about distribution of power among different sects Just as Iraqi Insurgencies where never about Saddam it was about Sunni Rule against Shiite and hence it will not quell unless a power sharing deal would be possible to be brokered among different factions much like what happened in Lebanon 20 years ago .
to my opinion this is where the west is mistaken :
1)for the Americans they would most probably do what they did in Iraq they would hope for a friendly regime to replace the current regime if not let them go to hell this is exactly what happened in Iraq I still remember the US congress plans to divide a sovereign country into Three countries .
On the other hand turkeys Direct support for the opposition is fueling the blood bath even more by the day and let me state that by the opposition I do not mean peaceful Arab Spring like people who started the protests about a year ago rather I'm reffering to the Extremists Armed with EU supplied night vision sniper riffles and American Stingers smoggled from the Turkish border in Aleppo.the western aspiration is clear they would like to see a pro Iranian Regime replaced by anything else not pro Iranian .
The Arabs (especially KSA) are blindly supporting sunni extremist and Salafis who are hostile to Iran.

Ironically Iran has been more pragmatic about the situation on the ground Iranians know Its not about Assad and if you looked at the transcribtions of speakers at the recent Syrian Conference in Tehran you would see Iran Is realy after brokering a power sharing deal after Assad is Gone and this is exactly what KSA did in Lebanon back in the 90's and only after this deal the bloodshed in Lybia was quenched.
With Turkey I'm really confused what they are after ,!? is Erdogan and Davouloghlou dreaming to become a second Muhammed Fateh of the ottoman Empire !!??

B.M.A said...


this former Syrian official is not tellig the truth!.If He is serious that the regime HE served is that cruel, He would have made a move long ago .IT IS NOT TRUE THAT THE REGIME IS CRUMBLING! on the contrary we see a thorough beating greeting the empty heads Terrorists carring rifles on the US payroll!!.NO BODY SHOULD FOOL HIMSELF ON THE SYRIAN SITUATION,WITH IRAN BEHIND , THE SYRIAN ARMY WITH DISCOURAGE THE WEST!!.