Monday, August 6, 2012

Three Iranian Hostages Killed During Air Raid on Detention Place

The Free Army of Syria, the main opposition group, said three Iranian hostages were killed on Monday during what they said to be an air attack by government forces on a house they were being kept. The rebels threatened to kill the remaining Iranians in their custody unless the army stopped its attack.

"They were killed when the aircraft attacked. One of the houses they were in collapsed over their heads," FAS spokesman Moutassam al-Ahmad said. "We will kill the rest if the army does not stop its assault.” (Reuters)

Ahmad said that a number of rebels were also killed in the attack. "Our losses are bigger than theirs."

Fighters from the al-Baraa brigade of the rebel Free Army of Syria kidnapped 48 Iranians on Saturday on suspicion of being military personnel, but Iran says they are pilgrims.


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" In a video broadcast by the al-Arabiya television channel, a man identifying himself as a representative of the al-Baraa battalion of the rebel Free Syrian Army identified the 48 Iranians as “shabiha,” the word used to describe pro-government militias in Syria. He produced documents that he said proved that one of the men was an officer in the Revolutionary Guard with a permit allowing him to carry arms."


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The other rebel groups reject al-Baraa's claims that they are shabiha so it's safe to say that al-Baraa are lying.

Anonymous said...

Baba ask yourselves what are a bunch of IRGC lookalikes doing in the middle of a war zone.
These people are not pilgrims but Khamenei henchmen who will receive their just rewards by the very Arabs they have empathy with.

Anonymous said...

Iran should exercise all possibilities to free its citizens.
Even if somebody serves in the IRGC, that one too has a right to perform a pilgrimage or simply to visit a friendly country. So far Syria has been a friend of Iran under present leadership.
That statement, that the hostages were killed during bombardment by government, is more like-a lie propaganda than a truth, because that terrorist also said that in a case the bombardment is continued all other will be killed (by them- terrorists). Probably those three killed were the most hated by terrorists? When these terrorist kill any person or any combatants or even advisors , they violate international convensions and should be dealt accordingly with.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:12 AM

Those IRGC men have no right to go to Syria under the pretext of pilgrimage and kill Syrian people.
Those people are hired killers.
Maybe some of those "pilgrims" were the ones that shot at Iranian citizens in 2009 and now they are receiving their rewards from the Arab citizens.

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The Vatanparast are among the first to call for US and Israel ro bomb and nuke their "beloved motherland". Vatanparast=Vatanforoosh. Same shit, different pile.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:06 PM

So supporting the Syrian peoples rights against a fascist regime which cooperates with another fascist regime that kills people during the so called elections is a "Vatanforoosh"?