Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oil Up as Iran Concerns Grow

Oil prices were higher in the markets today buoyed by an intensifying talk of an Israeli military strike against Iran, AFP quoted analysts as saying. The expected crude supply cut in the North Sea also contributed to the rising prices. Brent North Sea crude for September, for example, advanced to $113.62.

Speculation was mounting in the Israeli press about a possible strike on Iran, even though the U.S. insisted that there was still time for a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear standoff.


Anonymous said...

The oil cartel has the world over the barrel.

Anonymous said...

Not to take away from your Trojans But My Michigan Wolverines have done better, Michael Phelps (from U of M) alone in past two Olympics has almost as much as all the others!

Nader Uskowi said...

I love Phelps. But SC's current student athletes, won 25 medals this Olympics, including 12 gold. If I wanted to count medals by USC alumni, it would have been probably in three digits! BTW, the medals won by USC in London were the highest ever by any university at Olympics games. Michigan is of course OK!