Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Team Iran Having Best Showing Ever in Olympics

Team Iran is having its best showing in Olympics in history. By Tuesday, the Iranian athletes have won four gold medals (three in Greco-Roman wrestling, one in weightlifting); three silver medals (two in weightlifting, one in discus throw); and one bronze (in weightlifting); and the games are not over yet. By Tuesday, Iran was ranked 17th in overall medals and tied for 9th in gold medals.

Not only this is the highest number of medals ever won by an Iranian team in Olympic games, but the three gold medals won in the Greco-Roman wrestling were the first of any medals won in the field in more than 40 years and the silver in athletics was the first medal ever won by an Iranian athlete.

The first medal won by an Iranian in modern Olympics was a bronze in 1948 in weightlifting. The highest number of medals won until this year was seven medals in 1952 and six medals in 2004. In 2008 Beijing Games, Iran could only win two medals. Eight medals already in London, and continuing!

Photo: Team Iran during the Opening Ceremonies of 2012 London Olympics; 27 July.


Anonymous said...

Those who blamed the government for the initial lack of medals, should they now praise it?

...or are we only to project our collective inadequacies on the IRI.

Anonymous said...

Awesome and Inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Well done sportsmen and sportswomen of Iran.
Despite the lack of investment by the Islamic regime who couldn't care less about sports and Iran,you have overcome all the odds and shown the true side of Iran to the world.
By your actions you have truly shown that there is hope yet for Iran in the future.

May the true god of light and wisdom be with you at all times.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:58 AM

None of those sportsman/woman have received any help from that regime.

If the sportsman/woman lose the regime says... Iran lost.

If the sportsman/woman win the regime says... The holy Islamic republic has won.

By no means this anti human regime needs praising.

As for your last statement,speak for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Those who blame the government and clergy for discrimination and carelesness as well as a lack of funds for the olympic and sport's issues, should remember that the nation is under aggression of different form of sanctions, sabotage and killings.
Those islamic regime's critics should also notice that most leading countries in the olympics finance their teams,in the biggest part, for propaganda purposes. So, is not it an interest of the "iranian regime" to support that kind of propaganda, or is it kind of hipocrysy from some "commentators" critisaising regime. Can they explain why Turkey has only (at this time) two medals and Iran has got 9 medals?

Anonymous said...

I see there are many smart guys among you. Can they tell me how much "regime of" Iran spent on 2012olympic prepaarations and how much Turkey and Saudi Arabia did for the same preparations?
Second question is, why Turkey has got so far only 2 medals and Iran has nine? Is it; based on your recent arguments, financial, skills' level or a political reason?

Anonymous said...

To Anus8:08 PM and 2:04 AM,the same person.
For your answer read Anonymous 4:37 PMs comment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:09 AM
Your "answer" does't not address my previous questions.

I would like to submit; for your education, the facts, that before the Olympic games President M. Ahmedinejad; with other members of government, commended Irancell as the sole and first sponsor of Iranian Olympic Team by offering Irancell a prestigious award. Around that time western government(s) considered sanctions against the Irancell....
I would have more facts, but I believe that posting of them, at this time, would be waste of my time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15 PM

No,you will be wasting my time.