Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Iranian comment

Photographer unknown.


Anonymous said...

What could one say?
No comment indeed.

Anonymous said...

I ask myself, what a child has done in the past that she deserves to suffer so much. I guess we can not question God for his reasons.

mat said...

The reality is, no one knows. Only the 'Al-Mighty' knows; the past, the present and the future. From 'Him' we come from and to 'Him' we shall all return to. May we all get blessed. Ameen!

Unknown said...

There is so much we have no control over (regardless of our religious views), but we do have control over our own actions, or inactions, when tragedy strikes.

The Iranian parliament speaker contribution in recent days was to take the time to question the appropriateness of the Iranian state TV airing a comedy in the aftermath of the earthquake.

He should have been questioning why the Iranian military wasn't mobilized early and effectively to reach the inaccessible villages. Wy should the victims wait three days before they get drinking water delivered to them?!

I say to regime sympathizers, that times like these, they should ask the regime for Deads and not words. Who cares if the TV airs comedies, so long as the governemnt is doing its job of disaster relief effectively.

The military should have at least considered taking the new iranian made helicopters, they show every month, for a test flight in the disaster area, and drop some bottled water while their at it.