Friday, August 24, 2012

IAEA Urges Iran to Open Up Nuclear Research Site

IAEA today urged Iran to address suspicions about nuclear bomb research at its Parchin military site. Iran and IAEA were to hold talks later today in the first meeting between the two sides since discussions in early June ended without any agreements.

Meanwhile, the diplomatic sources were quoted on Thursday that Iran had installed many more uranium enrichment centrifuges at its Fordo underground site. Israel said toughened sanctions were failing to make Tehran change course.

"Only yesterday we received additional proof that Iran is continuing accelerated progress towards achieving nuclear weapons and is totally ignoring international demands," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday. (Reuters, 24 August)

UPDATE: Talks between IAEA and Iran in Vienna aimed at resolving concerns about Iran's nuclear program broke up on Friday without an agreement, and a senior U.N. official said no further talks were scheduled. (Reuters)


Anonymous said...

As long as any sanctions stay, Iran shouldn't open its facilities under blackmail of sanctions or threat.

Any inspections, in facilities like Parchin, must not be permitted as a form an open line for a spying activities against defense capabilities of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Not one more step backwards Iran, stand your ground. The Mafia wants you to give in step by step, yet they refuse to give make any concessions.