Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Retired IRGC Officers Among Hostages in Damascus – Iran FM

The Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told reporters today that some of the 48 kidnapped Iranians in Syria are "retired IRGC and military officers.” Saheli added that these retired officers were in Damascus on pilgrimage. The Free Army of Syria had previously claimed that there were IRGC officers among the 48 detainees. Iran had denied that charge.


Anonymous said...

No normal person will go to pilgrimage in a middle of a war zone.
As I mentioned before these men are hired killers and were sent there under the pretext of "pilgrimage".

If these men are lucky they will be used to pressure the regime in Tehran to give up their support for Assad.
But I doubt this because when they were sent to Syria they were already expendable.
These men have families back home and the Islamic regime knows that in the long run if this civil war continues with the involvement of Iran's security services,it will backfire onto the rotten fabric of the regime.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:03

yeah, and all those stupid civilians living in a war-zone should "blame themselves too."

I do believe the men were actually somewhere outside of Damascus.

Second it's not a war-zone. It's terrorist attacks supported by the West and pro-Westerners.

Anonymous said...

there is no proof of your allegations. it's only speculation that the pilgrims are agents.

but there is material evidence that the terrorists killing innocent civilians in syria are wahabi jihadists paid by saudi arabia, trained by nato (us, uk, france) and infiltrading over the turkish border with help of israeli intelligence.

Anonymous said...

the goal is to weaken the axis tajikistan-IRAN-iraq-syria-lebanon/hezbollah. with a view to hit iran very hard as punishment for it's independent economic behaviour. and secondly to strangle russia and china.

Anonymous said...

Bad Liars!!!

Anonymous said...

----"retired IRGC and military officers.” ----

on a pilgrimage.

in the middle of a war that Iran's ally is losing.

what a coincidence.

It's just like that pilgrimage that retired military officer Col Kermit Roosevelt took in Tehran in 1953.

Anonymous said...

Just like in 1979.

When general Huyser came to Tehran to stab the Shah in the back.

And help neutralize the Iranian army.

And betray Bakhtiar.

And hand over the country to a bunch of traitors.

The result is 33 years of suffering for Iran.

Anonymous said...


Your user name explains it all.