Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Food, Housing Prices Soar - SCI

The government’s Statistics Center of Iran (SCI) said food prices rose by an average of 35 percent in the past twelve months, with housing prices rising by 48 percent.

Ali Mohammad Ahmadi, a member of Majlis plans and budget committee, quoting the SCI numbers, said the most steep price increases were in foodstuff (bread, milk, cheese, eggs, fruits, red and white meat and dried fruit), housing, water and power, natural gas and health care. (Mehr News Agency, 21 August)

UPDATE: The Central Bank of Iran announced that inflation rate in the Iranian month of Tir (June/July) compared to the same period last year was at 27.06 percent. (ISNA, 21 August)


Anonymous said...

Chickens have been banned on TV.The mullahs say that too much chicken is bad for you.
Then next we will be hearing that too much bread is bad for you.
After that they will say that,not eating is good for you.
These mullahs are hypocrites, because they are the biggest eaters and hoarders in Iran.

Anonymous said...

how the heck are the non-wealthy people supposed to deal with such heavy increases in the cost of food and shelter?

and what will the government do about as the income from oil sales continues to plummet?

Nader Uskowi said...

Significant challenges that face the government. But at this time, they are focusing on nuclear and missile programs. Pakistan should be a good reminder to all concerned that having the bomb and advanced missiles do not necessarily help the economy or the national development projects.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi

As regards the policies of this regime the Soviet Union comes to mind.
They think that with nuclear bombs and missiles they are safely shielded against threats.
But in reality the economic stagnation and collapse plus the peoples awareness in what a costly regime this is for the Iranian nation is the greatest threat to the theocratic dictatorship.