Thursday, August 9, 2012

Has Panetta's Visit Reassured Israel?

The leaks on the Iranian issue over the recent weeks lead to a gloomy conclusion: Israel does not trust Washington and vice versa. How close are we really to an attack?

An Israeli perspective by Ofer Shelah (Ma’ariv)
Translated by Viktoria Lymar (IranEdge)

Republished with permission from
Photo Credit: Reuters/IranEdge


mat said...

Of course! Panetta's visit has reassured the once 'God's chosen people' but then 'God's damned nation' that, even if a single Israel's bullet drops on any iranian soils, the military power and might of IRAN would definitely send the whole nation of the Zionist Regime of Israhell straight to hell, forever and ever. One should tell Israel that without the U.S.'s( its slave) strong and full supports and back ups, and along with its(Israel) possession of quite a great number of suspected nuclear arsenals which has been estimatedly said to be around 250-300 of them, militarily, is nothing at all to IRAN's. Israel, indeed, is really being frightened and haunted by its own self-created shadow. What a poor nation of Israel!

Truther said...

In this pic you can see how Panetta is being led on a leash by his Zionist master and commanded to show utmost respect to the Zionist military; he is being "effed" from behind by Nuclearyahoo, and yahoo is gesturing towards the camera "Are you watching this Iran & the rest of the world, see i told you, there's nothing you can do about it -- with a cheeky expression" LOL!