Monday, August 27, 2012

Oil Exports Continuing as Usual - Iran

Iran said today its oil exports is progressing at normal levels.

“Iran's crude sale is going ahead as usual and we continue to sell oil to our traditional buyers in the remote places of the world,” said Mohammad-Ali Khatibi, Iranian OPEC representative.

Khatibi added that the buyers have two options for oil delivery, “These countries can either receive their purchased oil in their own insured vessels or get oil delivered in Iranian-ensured oil tankers.” (SHANA, 27 August)

Khatabi’s comments contradict OPEC’s latest report that Iran’s oil exports have fallen to half its normal volume.


Unknown said...

Yes, and I'm the queen of England!

Anonymous said...

or Iran will send the oil via UPS...... at a slight additional charge.

Anonymous said...

Lying comes naturally to them.