Monday, January 23, 2012

US Expands Sanctions against Iran Banks

The US today imposed sanctions against Bank Tejarat of Iran (“Commerce Bank of Iran”) and its affiliate, Belarus-based Trade Capital Bank. The US sanctions against financial institutions choke off their access to global banking system. Iran needs the access to get paid for its oil exports.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama today praised the EU’s move to impose embargo on Iranian oil and sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran.


Anonymous said...

NOT a single dime in them, since at least 2 years. lool

The exquisite contracts the greeks had with Iran on optional basis, are now being transfered to others in Asia... come on 7 Bil. people on eart do you really think energy will stay idle ???

I live in Europe and fear the gas prices.

The sanctions are for the press but the War is definitive and it is there.

Iran will not lose I know but also it wont win.

Anonymous said...

They did it... the self-appointed major "Mafia/criminal gang" can forget about Iran abandoning its legal right to peaceful nuclear energy. They have effectively burned their bridge with Iran. These sort of bullying tactics dont work against the proud dignified Iranian nation. Iran wont let itself be held back by these arrogant hypocritical colonialist "powers". The Iranian nation & people will carry on with its energy program and continue developing within all areas, much to the dismay of the "Mafia 3+1".

Even a country like Sweden (a country that never makes a noise on the International stage) had a WMD program back in the 50s, 60s and 70s, which was abandoned, but from all the research i have done, never have i come across any article or documentation showing that they have been subjected to sanctions for their WMD plans nor subject to inspections from the IAEA. The US probably knew about their plans anyways - they were selling them the technology, basically giving them dual nuclear capability and teaching them how to take it from there. Now they have 18 Nuclear Powerplants.

As a matter of fact, you can point the finger across the globe at numerous nations that obviously have aquired dual capability from the US, and their scientists have either traveled to the US where they have been given the knowledge, or US has sent instructors to their countries to teach them, on how to operate their own Nuclear plants, hence they have the capability to develop nuclear weapons, but they have vowed to never do it.

So why this double standard? Why is Iran being targeted? Where does this enmity towards Iran stem from?

Anonymous said...

The emnity comes from Khomeini and his regime and for which the US bears some responsibility for its prior support for the Shah and the US's excessive, illegal and wrongheaded interference in Iranian affairs in the 1950s.

Since 1979, the enmity coming FROm Iran has been constant and if you don't understand that, perhaps you should learn.

Anonymous said...

Well, even if thats the reason for the grudge that US is holding towards Iran...if the Iranian nuclear program is peaceful then all it does is serve the population of Iran, and does in no way hurt US interests. So in truth and in fact, the sanctions and embargoes are illegal and unjust acts on behalf of the "Mafia 3+1".

Personally i dont want Iran to build a nuclear bomb, but if the Iranians come to an agreement with the IAEA at the upcoming visit (to implement concrete steps), and allow the IAEA access to all their facilities to ensure and garantuee that Iran's nuclear activity is indeed peaceful, then there should not be any problems -- because Iran cant build a nuclear bomb under the monitoring of the IAEA inspectors.

Plus in recent and past News articles, the Iranian Energy Program is called "disputed", which means that the "Mafia 3+1" have no proof that the Iranians are working on a nuclear weapon.

If the mere fact that Irans possession of dual nuclear technology is the basis for sanctions & embargoes, then many other nations around the world qualify to become victims of sanctions & embargoes as well by the "Mafia 3+1".

Besides Iran has no need of an atomic bomb, since it would never risk the annihilation of the Palestinians, which would be the consequence if they send it against Israel, and most of all, they would hate to be struck by 150-300 Zionist nuclear warheads in return.

Nuclear weapons is useless in this modern era -- several countries have vast arsenals of WMD -- assured mutual destruction.

The possession of a couple of Nuclear weapons was decisive and made the difference between achieving total victory, or having to wage a war of attrition during the early era, like the 40s when US could strike Japan, knowing that their enemy was unable to retaliate in kind.

Anonymous said...

The Iranian nuclear program is geared toward doing everything to allow Iran to build nuclear weapons and mount them on long-range missiles.

Whatever garbage that may be put forward by some, there's NO ONE who would go to all this effort to prevent Iran from merely generating electricity using nuclear power and nearly everyone would readily sell Iran all the medical nuclear material it can use.

The Iranian government is not honest about their nuclear program and that's the heart of the conflict.

Anonymous said...

The Islamic regime is dragging Iran into the abyss.Then you have some people on this blog who live in the west and claim that the regime is doing the right thing.
My answer to these automatons is go and see how people in that country are living in the mud and struggling to buy a loaf of bread,while the regime is lining their own pockets with gold.But on the whole the people who support the regime on this and other sites are regime stooges.

Anonymous said...

LOL. US is truly beyond delusional. What banking connections does Iran have with a bankrupt US? Most Asian nations now have bi-lateral currency swaps, even gold.

These "sanctions" are a low rent comedy. They are like DEBKA lonely ladies "intelligence". ROFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

"What banking connections has Iran have with a bankrupt US?"

Are you that dumb and delusional?
Can't you see what is happening already?
You live in your illusions.The reality is all Asian countries do big business with America in fact China as you see today is built and made rich by American companies.
US banks own the world.Remember you people keep on about the "Zionists" and the "Jews"well pal they run the show.
Hard luck old muck.

Anonymous said...

such fools do not realize what the international banking system is and think that China is closely tied to Iran when China is not.

China's main trading partners are the US and Europe and as long as the GCC nations promise to ship oil to China to ease any shortfall, China is going to go with the West right now because China needs the West and does not need Iran.