Friday, January 27, 2012

IRGC soldiers in Syria?

The above video purports to show IRGC soldiers confessing to their captors they have participated in the shooting of Syrian civilians, in assisting Syrian military/security personnel.

Is the video authentic?

It isn’t easy to field Iranian military/security units in an Arab environment, and vice-versa. There’s the language barrier, unfamiliarity with the urban surroundings, differences in respective training, equipment, etc. That said, it was done in Lebanon in the early/mid 80s. But the Iranians found they were of most use as trainers and advisors. For their part, the Syrians have a lot more experience right now at the application of military force they’ve been exerting continuously for months now, whereas the Iranians recent experiences are applied in law enforcement techniques primarily performed by NAJA and not the IRGC.

There were similar allegations following the 2009 presidential election in Iran: that Hamas and Hezbollah were out on the streets of Tehran attacking protesters. It's been suggested this rumor originated from Israeli intelligence sources.

Difficult to judge with certainty, but this author is skeptical of the video’s authenticity. If indeed IRGC personnel were captured in Syria, they would likely be observers. It makes sense for the Iranians to study both the Syrian military’s experiences in this form of warfare, as well as the tactics of the Free Syrian Army (and armed groups) which is being assisted by Western military Special Forces advisors.


Anonymous said...

it is obviosely afghanian the speatch complately afghan language is only political shark way for the people whom doesnot anderstand persian speaker and afghan for me as persian speaker understand will the deferend of it.

Anonymous said...

This is a IT IS A FAKE and Absolute RUBBISH Zionist psy-ops meant to discredit Iran. The so-called demonstrator "videos" that pop-up daily on You tube and Zionist media are filmed in Turkey on a Hollywood type set and this moronic episode is part of the US/Saudi/Qatari/Zionist production aimed at stoking Iranophobia in the region.

The FACT is that the US funded Salafi/Wahabbi terrorists operating from Jordan and Turkey have been kidnapping Iranian pilgrims and engineers in Syria in order to pressure Iran. This pathetic tactic will fail as the Assad regime is proving a hard nut to crack as it has genuine popular support at home and many foreign backers including Russia, China, India and most of the non-aligned world.

Expect more of these fake staged "videos" with Afghan accented "Iranians" babbling from Southern Turkey. This is typical US/Saudi/Zionist desperation.

Anonymous said...

There are almost 20 000 mercenaries from Lybian war in Syria.
Its a diversion for the countless evidence of Saudi state terror with Israeli Logistics.

Gifted one said...

no video of Libyans in Syria Nader?
Just IRGC then? How convenient. You can put it together with the video of the IRGC operative confessing to Newt Gingrich about shooting JFK from the grassy knoll.

Unknown said...

Perhaps they're there to gain experience in the event that they have to do the same in Iran. Not to mention the symbolic value of such support from Iran.
When president chouchesku returned to Romania from a visit to Iran during the romanian revolution, it was rumored that soldiers from the IRGC accompanied him back and fought alongside his security forces in the street battles. They were a present from the then president Rafsanjani. Granted, I don't remember ever seeing any evidence to prove that.

Anonymous said...

this is mecenaries USA and saudi brought to kill the people of syria that should be immediatly iran worn to afghan government and in un to stop this noncence to find reall solution for people other wise syria has right to strike full to those nieghbour bring such mecenaries in the country is act of war and right to strike that country immediatly.

Anonymous said...

The IRGC are there to spread Islamic democracy.

Anonymous said...

IF i would be khamenei and i would send force to syria....the first think i will do is....come on where are our well educated iranians abroad....
I will delete there ID CARDS!!!

What a stupid leader would sent them with passports ( notice: the passports was all new printed )Card Melli Card Basij and so on....come on next time we will get a video...with buses in the Dark...but the FREE SYIRIAN ARMY found a big iranian Flag on the Bus. Come on ppl...this stroy is the same bullshit like killing saudi ambassador in NY by mexican drug bosses...

Anonymous said...

Anon January 27, 2012 9:48 AM

"Islamic Democracy" ???

Is there such a thing ???

Anonymous said...

WMD in Iraq, the Lybians had a revolution.

West is paying for the Lybian Oil and Iranians in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Iran never sends Iranians into Arabic countries, they bring them in train them and send them back.
This report is more than false.

Its again a silly attempt by future ex regimes of Arabia to influence .

They didn#t make it in Lebanon, Iraq and shall fail again in Syria.

Anonymous said...

What is this deceit? This is not Aghani/Dari.

The speaker speaks like a kurd from Iraq. Or more precisely: The speaker speaking Farsi has an Iraqi-kurdish accent.

His Iranian passport shows the place of birth of "Saqqez" which is in Iranian Kurdistan.

What would an Iranian kurd with Iraqi-kurdish accent do in Syria?

Anyway "the syrian opposition" seems to be operating very al-qaida-ish with opposing Iranian shia clerics and the secular Ba'ath in Syria.

This is very fishy. Smells like CIA to me...

Anonymous said...

could be pjak any way pjak and pkk funded by zionest and usa also most likely from jundala transfare to syria the only things to capture them to find out where is come from this is for sure is not people way of freedom to kill people in the name of ragiem of assad make me sick to make this zionest such a stupied mistake thing the rest of humman like them i believe their time is comming very close to be wipe out of map as ahmadinajad said to them.

Anonymous said...

We won't really know for sure until the Baathists are driven out and their files are examined.

It's more likely that the iranians would be staying behind the scenes and that anyone directly involved in fighting would be Hezbollah or other Arabs.

That's the way the Iranian regime operates. ...they point the way to the fighting, shout some slogans and wave if it looks like the other side is going to fight back.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:29 said...
There are almost 20 000 mercenaries from Lybian war in Syria.
Its a diversion for the countless evidence of Saudi state terror with Israeli Logistics.


pretty much the same type of bullspit rumor that said that the Israelis hired 50,000 mercenaries to fight for Gaddafi.

where do you people get this drivelous crud that you offer up as some kind of truth?

Anonymous said...

Lebanese Alghaeda terrorists are responsible.
They want to destroy Lebanon and Syria

What deperation looool

Afghan and Arab Mercenaries, private armies financed by Saudis and Qatarie Petro dollars.

It shall backfire, you shall see

Anonymous said...

saudi and ghatary plus UAE leaders will be soon pay a big price for such crime they have been done with the cordination of zionest plus usa in that region those country will be wanished once for all in the history of midleast.