Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Zarif: Supreme Leader Regards Rouhani-Obama Phone Call and Long Meeting with Kerry as ‘Missteps’

Iran’s influential hard-right daily Kayhan reported today that Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has accepted responsibility for missteps during the visit of the Iranian delegation to the UN General Assembly. The first-page article carries huge banner declaring, “Zarif: Rouhani's Telephone Conversation with Obama and My Long Meeting with Kerry Were Missteps.” 

Following is the English translation of key paragraphs of Kayhan’s article, which appeared on the front and the third pages of today’s edition of the paper.

“In Sunday’s meeting of the national security and foreign policy committee of the Majlis, which had been called to examine the talks (with Obama and Kerry) and other actions by the Iranian delegation during the New York visit, the committee chairman asked Dr Zarif about actions that the Supreme Leader had characterized as missteps.

“(Dr. Zarif) had responded in quite an honest manner that: ‘We (Zarif and Rouhani) thought that the talks (with Kerry) and the phone call (with Obama) were within the authority given to us, but it is our understanding that Hazrat Agha (Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei) has criticized us for Dr. Rouhani’s phone conversation with Obama, he regards that as the first misstep, and my long meeting with John Kerry, and he regards it as the other misstep during out trip.’” (Kayhan, 8 October)

Photo: The first page of Tuesday’s edition of Kayhan. The huge banner reads: “Zarif: Rouhani Telephone Conversation with Obama and My Long Meeting with Kerry Were Missteps.” 


reader said...

It is most depressing that our supreme leader and his cronies so blatantly, and if I may say arrogantly, ignore the wishes of ordinary Iranians expressed through ballot boxes.

Anonymous said...

You dont understand the message. Now iranian ppl can look directly to supreme leader office. The regime says officially "were within the authority given to us". Now supreme leader have to answer

Anonymous said...

Since when did Iranians expressed their wishes through the ballot box to establish ties with the US, whom by the way, is murdering Iranians day and night with the evil sanctions?

Slave mentality will always be slaves...

B.M.A said...

Reader! -
you are a no reader but a self worshiping mortal! tottaly refusing to read the reality on the genaral Iran /US relations!-but because you have some wisdom in you -try this one!

President Obama shows some willingness to meet President Rouhani face to face !-some sharks in the corridors of power in the US Government place some obstacles thereby killing the dream of Obama and leaves the US public GUESSING!.
@-DIDN'T these sharks or cronies in the US so bluntly if not arrogantly,ignore the wishes of ordinary Americans expressed through the ballot?[Obama promised to mend ties with 'hostile' Nations]
@-it is amazing that the LEADER depresses you! why not the US President! and his team-they show willingness to court the new Government in Iran,show some genuine sign to break new ground-only for OBAMA to release a salvo of hot air that "Iran has a year to make the bomb!

-have a depress less day!!

Mark Pyruz said...

Devid Horsey's (LA Times) hilarious political cartoon on the subject:


reader said...

Anon @ 1:00 PM
If Iranian people wanted the status quo they would have voted for Jalili, instead they voted for a level-headed moderate, ignoring the so called “sources of emulation”.

This “self worshiping mortal” has difficulty understanding your argument. It would have helped if you could have structured your thoughts in a way that a mere mortal like me could comprehend. However I get the gist of your argument – there are sharks and cronies on both sides? I could not agree more - we all know the sharks on the other pond, but who are the sharks in our pond?

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:00PM

More Iranians are being "murdered" by the theocratic thugs on a daily bases than any sanctions from the west.And don't even go there as regards medical supplies to the country because there is no sanctions on those.The regime has confirmed that most medical supplies are being held in warehouses to max profits for the anti-Iranian regime.