Monday, October 14, 2013

Four new retail shops open at Isfahan City Center mall

Photos of four new Iranian retail shops opened last week at the Isfahan City Center's expansive shopping mall

Newly opened Crocs shoe store (1)

Newly opened Crocs shoe store (2)

Newly opened Patine Jewelry store (1)

Newly opened Patine Jewelry store (2)

Newly opened Essenza bed and bath store (1)

Newly opened Essenza bed and bath store (2)

Newly opened Rokh Chehreh fragrance store (1)

Newly opened Rokh Chehreh fragrance store (2)

File photo: Isfahan City Center shopping mall

Photos: Isfahan City Center on Facebook and Isfahancity.blogfa,com


Mark Pyruz said...

Evidence of expanding consumer good availability at a time we're repeatedly told their economy is in ruins.

Just the sort of availability an otherwise hostile prime minister in the region says he wishes for the young people of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Weren't you claiming exactly the same thing during Ahmadinejad's presidency when you tried to create a image of economic prosperity by posting construction projects here on this site?I'll guess we all know how Ahmadinejad managed to screw Iran's economy. Pictures of chicken have been discouraged, because many people could not afford to buy it anymore, yet you, in all your cunning, want to claim that due to such projects, Iran's economy is not in ruins?

Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

What a load of Crocs !

Anonymous said...

And the Nobel Prize in Economics goes to....It seems that a new index has been developed for the economic health of a country that supercedes GDP per capita, growth rate, inflation rate, unemployment rate, etc, and that is the Photo Montage. Best of all, you don't need any education or even literacy to understand that pictures of stores indicate a healthy economy. I think Central Banks everywhere should start issuing such montages in place of their current written reports.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful. I would like to shop there when I go to Iran.

Anonymous said...

What a ******* lying ******* one would have to be to shop in first class American shops, and post pictures of these low quality crap Iranian shops. Iranians are such liars, constantly, lie lie lie.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone angry at seeing these news? What? You want to see starving people in the streets? Come on!!! America is in debts and China and other BRICS are rising. Iran isn't in a good shape at all but not in ruins! So what? You don't bear seeing the world as it is???????

Anonymous said...

Yes, these four Baghalees and their Dohzari owners will save the bankrupt Iranian economy.

Anonymous said...

it's trivial nonsense....and Iran is not at all "in ruins". instead Iran is trying to find a way to avoid having an economy in ruins and make sort sort of a deal to stave off having the sanctions destroy the iranian economy.