Thursday, October 10, 2013

12th Intl Police Safety and Security Exhibition in Tehran

Sights from the 12th International Police Safety and Security Equipment Exhibition in Tehran:

Young Iranian wearing jeans examines AM-50  sniper rifle 

Khabar 5.56 mm assault rifle

PKM 7.62 mm machine gun (Type T-80)

Iranian manufactured grenade launchers

Iranian automatic grenade launcher

Iranian M40 type bolt action sniper rifle with telescopic sight

Nakjhir sniper rifle (SVD) and Iranian corner-shot type weapon

T9K light SMG and T9 type automatic weapons

Syrian brigadier general examines MGD-12.7mm HMG



Anonymous said...

Looks like 2. world war equipment , but a Mullah can always redefine your retardation as success - what else can he do ? You see?

Anonymous said...

Only in Iran they hold arms exhibitions in a grand mosque. Can you imagine if in England they held a arms exhibition in Westminister cathedral ?

B.M.A said...

Anon October 10 at 612 am-

NObody shares your views!.And in IRAN there are no MULLAHS !!..The Iranian military tools are among the best in the world as already proved somewhere!but what brings a cold child down the spines of would be enemies is the -corner shot type rifle and the automatic grenade launchers made by the bright sons of the Nation!.
@-Thanks Mark once more for bringing this event going on in the country

May the Almighty bless our brothers and sisters in the defense industries!!.

Anonymous said...

I share those views and you're clueless

Anonymous said...

"And in IRAN there are no MULLAHS !!"

Only two hundred thousand of them !

Anonymous said...

The grand mosque in Tehran is not just a mosque. The mosque area is a small area. The cultural center is much bigger. Book and Cultural, exhibition and a lot of different events are held there.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice!

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa... =)

Anonymous said...

and what could be more culturally refreshing than automatic weaponry?

Anonymous said...

@BMA , yes nobody share my views in Iran - ah I see, that is why you don't have free election in Iran ? What kind of Koskhor are you?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousOctober 10, 2013 at 8:20 AM, that would be in the UK, not just England.