Friday, October 11, 2013

IRIAF Northrop (HESA) F-5E Saeghe documentary - Persian

Documentary on Iran's HESA Saeghe military aircraft project. In some ways, documentary is styled similar to that of the "Wings of Russia" series. 

The Saeghe project appears to have originated as a means of circumventing Northrop's ownership of the F-5 design. However the project has apparently shown disappointing results, with at least one example reportedly reverting to a number of Northrop's original specifications. To date, a HESA Saeghe has yet to publicly shed its flashy demonstrator colors for those of a true combat aircraft, and in more recent publicized maneuvers the aircraft is outfitted as an attack aircraft, not a fighter.

The video's depicted aircraft industry more closely resembles that of an aircraft serial refurbishment facility than it does an actual aircraft manufacturing plant..

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