Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Senators insist Iran should be stripped of its NPT treaty rights

According to the Associated Press:
Leading U.S. senators say Iran must end all uranium enrichment, potentially putting them at odds with the Obama administration ahead of new nuclear talks.
In a letter to President Barack Obama, six Democrats and four Republicans support this week's negotiations in Geneva. They also seek tougher sanctions on Iran and a convincing threat of U.S. military force.
But the most contentious demand concerns enrichment. The legislators including Sen. Bob Menendez, the Foreign Relations chairman, and Sen. John McCain insist Iran shouldn't able to continue enriching uranium inside Iran.
Former Bush Administration national security officials Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett tell us a deal with the Iranians over their nuclear program is straightforward and can be achieved in a matter of weeks; all that's required is a recognition of Iran's nuclear rights as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (i.e. nuclear fuel cycle technology) and the removal of sanctions, and in return the Iranians will accept even more intrusive inspections on its nuclear program and infrastructure.


Eretz Yisrael said...

This is the most brilliant idea to date, really. Not to mention, the most excellent punishment for Iran. Do it, and the problem will be solved, and let the Akhoond regime feel the burn. It won't be too long before they beg and plead to accept P5+1 demands. Once Everything is done and over with they'll start to realize how much they actually lost and what they could have retained had they not fooled around for so many years.

Anonymous said...

A condition of being part of the NPT was being honest about your program. Iran, being a culture of liars (not saying that in a bad way but just as a matter of fact way) lied and hid new constructions, and when caught tried the Irani bazi technique of haggling and obfuscation. Unfortunately, no society can function well with this kind of behavior. You need to be honest and upfront. The NPT can't operate under this form of deception eitehr, and so Iran should be banished.

B.M.A said...

i just pity you! YOUR LACK OF INSIGHT IS EXCEPTIONAL !-however i respect your opinion!.

Anonymous said...

"no society can function well with this kind of behavior." Really? It has not stopped the zionist occupation who have perfected lies as a way of life. 'By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War'

Anonymous said...

If this is true,then they are doing the mullahs work for them and giving the regime the excuse to go ahead and build nuclear bombs. How dumb are these people??

Anonymous said...

As dumb as a brick.

Anonymous said...

I think Iran should have nuclear bombs if it doesn't have it already its the oldest country in the world and needs the big stick n bombs give you to secure your multi thousand year future existence 100% it sure deserves it more then Usa or Russia or Israel or India or Pakistan or France or England or china regardless of the Persian Iranian or Aryan regime that run that great old country

Anonymous said...

The truth is out. Those dumb, American politicians let the truth slip out. All of their propaganda and hysteria against Iran, regarding its nuclear programme, is just that. The real aim of America is to try and strip Iran of its rights, its development.

Anonymous said...

You mean the UK. England is only one part of the UK.

Anonymous said...

BMA, it is my second reply to your 11:33AM post, since the first one haven't shown up on this blog by no my fault.

You have several times stated that "you respect opinions" of bloggers to whom you address your replies.

Do you think that hypocrities, liars and Goebbels' type of propagandists deserve that kind of respects too....

B.M.A said...

ANON 17 at 2:50am!-

@-well, failure to see your post is not your fault and it may be nobody's!-the Blogger concerned may have forgotten or failed to let it through out of human weakness.

@-Indeed i do command much respect to diverse opinion even if it runs counter to my ideology!.But i deeply hate half baked facts and poorly researched conclusions ,all in all am a human being and prone to the same weakness too!!.

@-The Goebbels, liars and hypocrites you reefer may be victims of some bias and poor judgement of your part!.I believe if you looked the other side of the coin on these people,then you would be less haughty !.

2 We must learn to be o rational! and when we demand justice , we must execute it wholly!-
for example if condemn a suicide bomber or a terrorist,we must go deeper and establish who sold this dangerous man his tools of trade? I mean the global media must expose the country of origin of the explosives!..-it is very sad to see the world making mockery of justice by letting western Nations manufacturing terrorism [suicide bombs] raking in billions of dollars in that terrorist business while the few fanatics buying those items from them are exposed to the world as the only Cruel souls!.

Anonymous said...

BMA at 4:57AM

In my previous 2:50AM reply, I should specify that your response to Yisrael at 6:22AM has stated that you respect his (her) "OPINION", who states among other things that Iran "....fooled around for so many years", as well as contains other invectives.

You state in your first paragraph that "failure to see your (my) post...it may be nobody's (fault)...." and
I may also suspect, that somebody can create opinion at times, that imposing any sanctions....may be by nobody's fault and that those kind of opinions may be respected.

Regarding your DEEP HATE of the "half baked facts and poorly researched conclusions", I have one question, whether Yisraels OPINION is half baked and....because you describe it that you have been respecting Yisrael's opinion.

At the end of my thoughts, I have that kind of a conclusion that some people consider their presence to perpetuate a position that WE AGREE TO DISAGREE, and dwell on it for years wasting or giving time to enemies to smuggle their propagandas.

Sometimes that kind of positions can be created by opponents, in order to masquarade discussions.

Anonymous said...

Enon 7:58 AM
Is your US so honest, in order to dictate behaviors and "rules" for others?