Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NAJA/NOPO Counter-Terror Special Forces - Video

 IRIB TV3 video of Iran NAJA/NOPO Police Counter-Terror Special Forces

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B.M.A said...


Behold a perfect candidate for a just global power !rising from the ashes!.-The Iranian Nation has one of the best if not the best counter terrorism squads in the world.
It was shameful for the Kenyan and their Israeli military tutors for being humiliated by some five or three hungry Somali bandits holding shoppers hostage in a Nairobi mall! for five days!.-even the Israelis accept this weakness [ read the story in the debka file!]. the Kenyan military resorted to shooting randomly in the mall killing scores of people and then heaping the blame on the terrorists that had slipped away safely!!.