Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Denies Kayhan’s Report

Zarif at Hospital for Nervousness and Muscle Spasm After Reading the Report
Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs today denied that Foreign Minister Javad Zarif had told the national security and foreign policy committee of the Majlis that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei had characterized Rouhani-Obama phone call and Zarif-Kerry meeting in New York as “missteps.” (ISNA, 8 October)

The hard-right daily Kayhan had run the story with huge banner headline on its front page earlier today. The headline read, “Zarif: Rouhani’s Telephone Conversation with Obama and My Long Meeting with Kerry Were Missteps.” The newspaper, whose influential editor – Hossein Shaiatmadari, is the official representative of Ayatollah Khamenei at Kayhan, is still carrying the story on its website, hours after the denial by the foreign ministry.

Aside from denying Kayhan’s report, the foreign ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham did not give any details on Zarif’s report to the Majils on the Iranian delegation’s visit to New York. There were speculations in Tehran tonight that Shariatmadari will stick with the story in tomorrow’s edition of the paper.

Meanwhile, Zarif told semi-official news agency Mehr that he became so upset at Kayhan’s huge headline that he fell sick and had to go to the hospital with severe muscle spasm. He also added an entry in his Facebook page at 9:30 pm local time about his condition.

“I just returned from the hospital and could sit down to write you this post. This morning, after seeing the huge headline in one of the newspapers, I felt severe pain in my back and my feet, so bad I could not walk or even sit. I did conduct only two foreign meetings and cancelled the rest of my schedule… 4-5 hours later the pain persisted and I left the ministry and went to the hospital… They said the problem was of nervousness and muscle spasm and will be treated with exercise... In any case, it was a day of bitterness. I learned to say what I want to say only in public.” (Facebook/Mehr News Agency, 8 October)

File photo: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (Mehr News Agency)


Anonymous said...

Well Iran's equivalent of AIPAC in action trying to distort and derail everything that an elected government does. On one hand this nation tries to change the status Quo after thiry four years of being run by this bunch. On the other there has always to be a rahbar nonsence. Whether Mohammad RezaPahlavi or Mullah Khameini it makes little difference. Sounds liker this nation has to worship an individual "all the time". This is acounyry that 70 miollion people don't matter. These is always an idiot who guides the flog of sheeps.

As I said many times even insiders within this regime realise that it is coming to an end. It reminds me of George Orwell's animal farm. The pigs replace humans and at the end only the cynical donkey is laughing!

Mark Pyruz said...

For the U.S. and Iran's sake, lets hope Zarif doesn't suffer another one of these anxiety attacks while negotiating with P5+1.

It very well could be Salehi represented a more emotionally stable IRI FM.

Anonymous said...

Mark, are you also an dual citizen Iraqi like Salehi?

Anonymous said...

Well maybe those 70 million should get off their asses and do something about it then!

Anonymous said...

Right...you start feeling pain in the back and feet from nervousness ... that's something new...!