Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tehran to Islamabad -- Implement security agreement we have already agreed upon

Following the recent attack and murder of 14 its border guards on Saturday the Iranian government has called on Pakistan to implement a security agreement which both Tehran and Islamabad have signed which called on the latter to increase security in order to stop terrorists from launching attacks on the international frontier.

Iran's Deputy Interior Minister Ali Abdollahi condemned the attack and called on the Pakistani government to accordingly "take more measures than before to seriously tighten control over its borders."

The terrorists who executed the attack are thought to be members of the Wahhabi Jeish Al-Adl group which operates from Pakistan.

President Rouhani has said his government is "strangle determined to encounter concerted outlawed activities in a bid to protect the border of the Islamic homeland."

He is therefore calling upon "the respectable interior minister to immediately set up a special committee in cooperation with the law enforcement police to deal with this development and confront such outlawed activities and inform me of the results very rapidly." (Fars News Agency, October 27 2013)


Anonymous said...

let us face it Taleban infested Pakistan is not even a country worth thinking of and either they cannot or will not do anything about security. Iran should take lesson from Israel or deal with them the way they dealt with MKA terrorists. either use short range missiles to destroy their basis or deploy those killer drones Iran has been bragging about. in all likelihood these terrorists are supported by saudis or other backers and they get financed by them anyway. they should use the army in the border areas.

B.M.A said...

PAUL- what is your take?

what is your take on this episode given your stance and position as an anti-regime fire brand journalist!-
Do you think the Pakistan Government is justified in giving the terrorists groups operating in their country some breathing space therefore endangering the lives of religious minorities and capabilities to engage in cross border terrorism?

@ in your latest OP-ED appearing in the digital journal titled 'A terrible time to pull the rug out from under Egypt' -this is what you are saying in support of the military regime in Egypt and your BIZARRE! stance on the principles of democracy!!.

"The interim government has said it will conduct free and fair is during then it should be scrutinized even sanctioned,something I'd support under those circumstances!..............But when minority sections of population bankrupt the country which is what elements of the Muslim brotherhood are doing .....,then the authorities are justified initiating a crackdown on their activities! -

you are assuring all and sundry that the rulers in Egypt will indeed conduct a fair poll-just how sure are you that these polls will be free and democratic.How sure are you that the Brotherhood wont win with a big margin in a free poll reminiscent of the last poll!. And why did you not support Assad when He promised in daylight that he would step down if He lost democratically in the coming polls.

Question two
You are very generous to the military Junta in Egypt !-to the extent of advising that it be given time to implement its promises failure to which you don't ask for strikes but be subjected to scrutiny and sanctions!.Now you are a Human being Paul and indeed you speak humanity!.But why are you selective?

Question three
All over a sudden you support the crackdown! you support violence! accusing the Brotherhood of wanting to bankrupt the Nation!.And you say it is a minority section of the population.Why are you so hostile to Morsi yet his election met all the standard of democracy ?.And why do you support the military and yet they came to power through violence breaking to pieces the tenets of democracy!?

Here is A guess!-Morsi was friendly to Tehran and wished to listen to the voices of the people which is a cardinal sin and his democratic win has to be fought and resisted! - meaning democracy is not a say of the majority! but something else!,