Friday, October 18, 2013

Infrastructure developments in Qazvin, newly completed

Recent completion of a road junction for Imam Ali Boulevard, at Qazvin. Visible is a  Komatsu tracked excavator aboard trailer attached to Mack R-series tractor, a wheel loader, a wheel excavator, and a fleet of Mercedes-Benz L-series based dump trucks.

Martyr Sayyad Shirazi Bridge, named after Imposed War hero Lieutenant General Sayyad Shirazi lassassinated by MEK terrorists.

Detail of Martyr Sayyad Shirazi Bridge, reportedly built on time

NAJA policeman performing an exhibition of speed across bridge aboard late model Suzuki GSX-R sportbike

Photos: Meysam Malek at FARS News Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

Not a hundred percent sure about identifications, any corrections offered appreciated.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

looks great.

Anonymous said...

marvelous, Iran may have fewer and less impressive construction projects and roads than every other nation of the Persian Gulf, but the fanboy does his best to show than Iran at least has a small amount of construction going on.