Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Obama Administration Stopped Israeli Strike on Iran - Report

An Israeli plan to attack Iran in 2012 was canceled due to objections by Obama administration, former head of Israel’s National Security Council Giora Eiland confirmed Tuesday. The Times of Israel, quoting conservative Israeli political website Mida, reported today.

Mida reported today that Eliand, a retired major general, discussed the Israeli plan and Washington’s objections during a closed conference two weeks ago, saying that Netanyahu had originally intended to order a strike on Iran sometime between September and October of 2012, at the height of the US presidential campaign and around the same time as Netanyahu’s famous speech at the United Nations.

Gen Eiland was also quoted as saying that although Israel is not controlled by the U.S., it does “take American considerations into account with regard to issues of global significance.” (The Times of Israel, 3 September)

“Changing times,” however, could allow for an Israeli strike in the future, Eiland reportedly said.

File photo: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, with President Barack Obama as they speak with reporters at the White House. (Charles Dharapak/AP via The Times of Israel)


B.M.A said...

Good Uskowi to have brought this one ,but few people will buy this argument from the world's only 'invincible' Nation!!.

@-we have to wonder why OBAMA did dissuade Israel from attacking an easy target -Iran -a Nation whose fall 'guarantees total peace' !.

@-what stopped Israel from committing their suicide at that time has to do with the missile silos and the blazing inferno of the high tech missiles during the drills by the Iranian military!!.,

mat said...

Today, Israel claimed they tested their missile defense system in the Eastern Mediterranean by firing a Sea Sparrow missile in order to simulate an Iranian ICBM attack. However, everything Israel announced was a lie. The Sea Sparrow, more appropriately, RIM 162 ESSM, is a short-range, ship-launched air defense missile.

Israel currently has no stock of sea-launched missiles of this type and opted not to join the 12 nation consortium that developed this missile. In no way does the Sea Sparrow resemble an ICBM, not in appearance, performance, range or radar signature. Israel possesses none of these weapons and certainly didn’t launch one.

Israel claimed this exercise was done in coordination with the US Navy. Nevertheless, the US Navy, when told of the launch by Russia, accused that nation of “rumor mongering” and denied any knowledge of the launch. When Israel admitted the launch but claimed the US was “partnering,” the Department of Defense issued a denial.

Israel has three Dolphin submarines in the region, one of them “on permanent station,” having been sunk by a helicopter-launched Russian anti-submarine torpedo at 2:36 PM on the night of May 2/3, 2013. The Israeli submarine had been on a routine mission supporting reconnaissance teams during an exfiltration from Syria. Neither the bodies of the crew nor the submarine have been recovered.

Anonymous said...

do not believe not one word
That is all theathre
Israel can never attack iran allone
it does not have the capacity for such large attack

Nader Uskowi said...

I believe, and I certainly hope, that the Iranian government would not take seriously the assurances offered by commentators here that the news is false. What if it was true? If the government take such news the way you want it, "don't worry, it's all lies" approach, then the country will face serious problems.

Anonymous said...

I`m sure the government of iran has access to intelligence sources we can only dream of and certainly better ones than an uncorroborated story on an israeli website

Anonymous said...

The pure reason Israel has not attacked Iran is the determination of the Iranian nation and the readiness of Iran's Armed Forces (Army, IRGC and Basij) to fight the aggressors. It is very important for Iranian journalists to reflect what is said in the foreign media, however to not fully buy in all that is said. Had Iran not shown its capabilities and most importantly its readiness and determination in defending its interests, it would have been attacked by Israel for a long time ago. Don't doubt on that and please read the history and politics of that newly built nation in order to better understand their degree of "merciness".

Anonymous said...

This news is very possible.USA after all supplies money and weapons to Israel,therefore Israel sometimes listens to what USA has to say.

Anonymous said...

Russian land based giant radar has detected those launches, and they were apparently intended to test parameters of the Syrian air defenses....


Anonymous said...

Iran doesn't have the military resources to fight Israel. Iran would have to rely on their Hezbollah client to use rockets to attack Israeli cities.

Israel has had no reason to launch a military attack against Iran up until now and it's only Iran's nuclear weapons development program that provides a reason.

the claim that Iranian vigilance and capabilities prevent attack from Israel is a bunch of crap.

mat said...

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow has its own plans to deal with a possible US military offensive against Syria.

Putin made the remarks on Tuesday night at his country residence outside Moscow during an interview with The Associated Press and Russia's state Channel 1 television published on Wednesday.

"We have our own ideas about what we would do and how we would do it if the situation develops toward the use of force or otherwise," he said. "We have our plans, but it's too early to talk about them."

B.M.A said...

Good one Mat!!!-thanks indeed for standing for the truth!

Anonymous said...

Neither does the zionist regime have the resources. "Israel has had no reason to launch a military attack against Iran" yet that has not stopped the occupation regime from threatening one and trying to push America into committing one for its benefit.

"Iran's nuclear weapons development program"? Is that ALLEGED programme instead of the zionist apartheid regime's own, covert one? Your hasbara is weak, you obvious shill.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 4, 2013 at 11:50 PM
I guess irans missile arsenal,the largest in the region by the way,is just for show then.Israels ability to attack iran is limited,it could launch one surprise attack but that would involve considerable risk with a very uncertain outcome and virtually assured retaliation,in this situation I can see why the israelis would rather have the us do it for them

Anonymous said...

Israel's missiles are far more powerful and far more accurate

Anonymous said...

Ah,no.Israel follows western missile doctrine ie it has only a small arsenal of missiles for the carriage of nuclear weapons,it has at most only tens of missiles tho` some of these may have icbm ranges

Anonymous said...

and are not these missiles, despite being far fewer in number than the Iranian ones, far more advanced and far more powerful?

can not Israel's missiles, responding to Iranian missiles fired at Israeli cities, completely obliterate Tehran and every other city in Iran?

large numbers of Iranian missiles fired at Israeli cities will lead to devastation in Iran.