Thursday, September 12, 2013

Russia Calls for Iran’s Flexibility to End Nuclear Impasse

Readiness to Boost Iran’s Defense Capabilities

Russia said that Tehran should show flexibility and the “Six” (P5+1) should react to positive steps which are expected from Iran to end the impasse over the country’s nuclear program, RIA Novosti reported today.

“We coherently and permanently speak for the settlement of the situation related to the Iranian nuclear program only through political and diplomatic means, a military solution is absolutely inadmissible. We believe that the negotiations have a chance of success. It is necessary that Iran shows flexibility and readiness to meet the requirements of the international community,” said Yuri Ushakov, an aide to Russian President Putin, told reporters (RIA Novosti/Reuters, 12 September)

The Russian official made the comments ahead of Putin’s meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The two will meet tomorrow in Bishkek on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit.

Yesterday, the respected Russian daily Kommersant reported that Putin is ready to offer Rouhani the delivery of the advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missile system and construction of a second nuclear reactor.

The Kommersant report and Ushakov’s comments today could indicate Russia’s eagerness to extract concessions from Iran on the nuclear issue in return for boosting the country’s defense capabilities in order to end the nuclear impasse. 


Anonymous said...

The russians are worthless

Anonymous said...

I see we are being very selective with our interpretations of news.
Russians never said what is claimed "here"
you guys are terrible
you dont even try hiding your political affiliations

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 13, 2013 at 8:12 AM
You must be blind if you havent seen russias history of broken promises/deals and unreliability when it comes to iran,the russians are at best very unreliable sometimes partners of iran but are completely untrustworthy,one only has to look at the russians siding with the west to sanction iran,the years it took and the extra money required to finish bushehr,the s300 deal that never seems to be quite dead always held out as a possibility but everyone knows the russians will never deliver and now the russians are helping to strip syria of its chemical weapons when they should be delivering the s300s they promised the syrians to defend themselves from western aggression.I will say it again the russians are worthless