Monday, September 30, 2013

IRGC Shahed-129 and IRIA Yasir UAVs

IRGC-AF Shahed-129 UCAV
Recent public unveiling of Shahed-129 UCAV variant

IRGC-AF Shahed-129 appears similar in size to U.S. MQ-1 Predator

Shahed-129 UCAV appears with a variety of AGMs, these examples fitted on hard points

Shahed-129 sensor ball detail, providing UCAV as a multi-sensor platform

Shahed-129 retractable undercarriage detail

Side view of Shahed-129 with further examples of air-to-ground weaponry. Propeller and spinner appear similar to Parastou-14.

Video still of armed IRGC-AF UCAV in flight

Aircraft type: Shahed-129 UCAV
Operator: IRGC-AF
Operational radius: 1700 km (claimed)
Endurance: 24 hr (claimed)
Service ceiling: 24,000 ft (claimed)
Armament: 8 AGMs or GBUs

Potential deployments: anti-drug operations on Iran eastern border, counter-terror operations in northwest and southeast Iran; potentially exported to allied military forces in Syria, southern Lebanon and (less likely) west Palestine.


IRIA ground force recently publicized delivery of Yasir UAV

IRIA Yasir UAV on wheeled catapult launcher ramp

Side view of Yasir UAV. Note inward canting tail surfaces inspired by AAI RQ-7 Shadow.

IRIAA captains, possibly Yasir UAV operator/trainers

Aircraft type: Yasir UAV
Operator: IRIA Ground Force
Operational radius: 200 km (claimed)
Endurance: 8 hr (claimed)
Service Ceiling: 15,000 ft (claimed)

Application: Tactical reconnaissance UAV for army ground forces


Photos: Armin Karami at FARS News Agency, Meghdad Madadi
Video Stills: IRINN
Videos: IRIB News, IRINN


Anonymous said...

Despite being kind of an enthusiast when it comes to following Iranian military technological advancement, I have to admit i got quite impressed by the latest fully armed multi-sensor Shahed UAV, with take-off and landing capabilities, retractable gears, without the need for a parachute, couple with advanced control stations absolutely on par with at least their modern Israeli counterparts. No wonder the same country was able to achieve the "soft downing" of an RQ-170. Indeed a seemingly very complete sample bound with a design of international level. Kudos to engineering teams, quite a piece of work they've delivered for all to see. I definitely wasn't expecting a MALE UAV of this league appearing so soon out of DIO's hangars. With luck and the gradual easing of tensions and re-opening of the world financial system and high-end science and technology academies to the country's grey matter, one can dream about the prospect of equally renewed creativity in civilian industrial sectors as well, sooner than anyone can expect.

Anonymous said...

My bad, we are talking about a UCAV, not solely a MALE UAV here obviously.

Anonymous said...

WOW, good for Iran, BUT the unveiling was horrendous! as usual.......

Anonymous said...

Most impressive,a drone in the predator class and three new air to ground missiles apparently based on the tow anti tank missile

B.M.A said...

It is such technological breakthroughs that forces a rude empire -a damn thing self styled superpower !on the negotiation table!!!!!!

mat said...

A high-ranking Iranian commander says the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has broken the monopoly of superpowers in the skies by designing and producing multiple indigenous aircraft.

Deputy Commander of the IRGC Brigadier General Hossein Salami said on Wednesday that Iran’s latest domestically designed and built Shahed-129 (Witness-129) combat drone has a 24-hour time-on-station capability, can launch precision missiles at targets and enjoys unique navigation functions.

He added that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) actually marked another aviation achievement for Iran, and broke the monopoly of major powers in the skies.

The Shahed-129 (Witness-129) drone is a combat UAV capable of carrying eight bombs or domestically-manufactured Sadid missiles at the same time, and is designed to hit stationary and mobile targets alike.

Commenting on the latest remarks made by US President Barack Obama that Washington does not seek to overthrow the Islamic establishment in Tehran, Salami stated that American statesmen have come to realize that the Islamic Republic of Iran is invincible.

“Such comments attest to the fact that the stability, power and strength of Iran’s Islamic system has reached a level that world powers no longer think of challenging or toppling the Iranian government,” the senior IRGC commander pointed out.