Friday, September 13, 2013

Edalation Emergency Medical Center in Mashhad, recently constructed

Newly-inaugurated Edalation Emergency Medical Center is reportedly the largest integrated emergency center and intensive care unit (ICU) department in the Middle East. [Source: Tasnim News Agency]
Note Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulances in foreground.

Another view of Edalation Emergency Medical Center's newly constructed exterior

Edalatian Emergency Center is equipped with 50 hospital beds, 85 ICU patient rooms, 3 operation rooms, CT scanning equipment, laboratory and other conventional facilities required for an ER department. [Source: Tasnim News Agency]

ER physician's station

ER nurses of the Islamic Republic of Iran

ER patient examination room

Access to ICU-A ward

Detail of medical supplies evident at Edalation Emergency Medical Center

Nursing station at Edalation Emergency Medical Center. Planned staffing for 10 emergency medical specialists and nearly 450 nurses and service personnel. [Source: Tasnim News Agency]

Entrance hall at Edalation Emergency Medical Center. Note related additional construction evident in background.

Photos: Mostafa Abbasi at FARS News Agency, Ali Abdollahi at ISNA


B.M.A said...

beautiful design of a noble project!!-AND this is how a woman medical practitioner should dress .
LONG live the great Nation!.

Anonymous said...

What is it to you how a woman should dress.

B.M.A said...

anon 13 September at 7.11 am-

Am saying this on a religious perspective -Meaning that a Muslim Woman can excel in all scientific and technological heights and still uphold the Islamic noble dress !

-any offense sir?

Anonymous said...

What is Edalation?

Anonymous said...

And what if a Muslim woman / Medical practitioner doesn't want to dress like this?
Do you as a muslim acknowledge her human right to do so or not?

B.M.A said...

right of reply to anon sep 14 at 5:33 am-'what if a Muslim woman..'

-LET me assume you are looking at 'human rights' through the prism of western ideology!-

-reply one-

@-A true practicing Muslim would never reach that haughty level[..i don't want to dress like this!] .Islam is a blessing upon humanity! a blessing to the MAN and the WOMAN! ,a blessing to all creatures!.According to the philosophy of Islam ,a WOMAN is a respected creature who deserves some noble dress .The western ideology mocks the woman!! leaves her at the mercy of lustful men ,sometimes turned into an advertising tool beside her normal position as a scornful nude creature!!.How then can a Muslim Woman throw away her dress and embark on something scornful?

-Reply two-

Christian WEST is full of hypocrisy !!albeit their frowning of Muslims dress and ISLAMIC LAWS in general !!.To then Islam is a barbaric cult!,a culture unto darkness!,a foolish Bedouin cult that forces its followers to always rewinding the clock in their life to emulate the environment during the life of their prophet!!the story does not end there!,they accuse ISLAMIC SHARIA as being archaic ,totally counter to human intelligence and question if GOD Almighty really can bring such laws to his creatures!!.When they speak of the Woman they see Islam as being too overbearing and totally against HER!!.BUT all this is hypocrisy!from Christian west! and here is how-

@-The Holy man of GOD in the Bible called Moses claimed by JEWS, CHRISTIANS AND ISLAM brought the Commandments!-but did it end there?? -the answer is a bold NO!.the commandments were supplemented with laws as clearly recorded in there.But still it did not end there!!,the TORAH HAS judgments-for example when the commands tells you "respect your parent" it does not leave you there ! the Holy Man Moses was given the ruling for that offense!-"who ever renounces his parents has to be stoned to death!!,- adultery is punishable by death in stoning in the bible, and the bible clearly shows the status of the woman .-JESUS the great man of GOD claimed by MUSLIMS ,Christians and Jews [though Christians worship him against his will and the bible]-had twelve disciples ! and some other 72 helpers1 all of then men with no woman among them!. Here is PAUL in the Bible the controversial terrorist and mass murderer of Jesus' followers who later repented after seeing JESUS in a day dream [according to HIM!] ALSO tells the woman to [a]-keep quite in the church and ask his husband if she wishes to learn [2] dress modestly and cover the head as the Torah commands!!.

@-Who then can point a finger to the HOLY BIBLE as being oppressive to the woman and being a violent book that agitates killing by stoning!!.


so then brother,the Muslims human right is there guaranteed in the KORAN and this western ideology has to bow to divine laws!!.Yet when any woman wants to shade the Islamic dress and put on some alien things on her body,then no need for violence but rather to remind that woman to return to her book of guidance-the HOLY KORAN! and not imitate the westerners who have rebelled against their own HOLY Book and have chosen to live according to their own laws and whims!!.