Monday, September 16, 2013

Recent Iran TV news interviews of IRI President Rouhani

English translations on his views of the nuclear issue and Syria conflict, by Monitor Middle East  
Monitor Mideast translation of Iran TV news segment where IRI President Rouhani is seen questioning an IRIB reporter on long-held myths regarding his past track record as Iran's nuclear negotiator.

Monitor Mideast translation of Iran TV mews segment where IRI President Rouhani discusses the situation in Syria, chemical weapons and a potential U.S.-led strike. 

It's this writer's opinion that these YouTube translations are unfortunately titled. Still, being translated into English they are particularly useful in dispelling a notion among certain quarters that Rouhani is some kind of Gorbachev character in Iranian politics, with the potential of rendering a political  implosion of the IRI. Continuity of core interests can be readily discerned in these short clips, as is also evident in a recent interview of IRI Foreign Minister Zarif.

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