Monday, September 9, 2013

IRIADF new hardware exhibited

M-B L-series mounted TTS-480 displayed with operating diagram

Detail of TTS-480

Left to right: TS-506, TRC-97, unidentified

Iran air defense related electronics hardware (1)

Iran air defense related electronics hardware (2)

Photos: Hossein Zohrevand


reader said...

It would be good if you could give an appraisal of this system for the uninitiated readers. How does this system compare to similar systems employed by other armies?

Anonymous said...

I hope for Iran to become a strong industrialized country.

Long live Iran.

Anonymous said...

I agree... the fact that they launched this communication device under IRIADF colors seems kinda weird to me, I guess one could call it a passive defence but this still seems more like something a ground force would use..

From what I understand one needs to know the exact location of both receiving ends of the signal from a tropospherical scatter system.. These trucks could be used as mobile passive scanners around the static AA missiles, relaying any alert without revealing their position.. or could they?

Anonymous said...

Plz if you could kindly elaborate the names and if possible also the details of all of these systems ....................