Saturday, September 28, 2013

Protests as Rouhani Returns to Tehran

Hardline protesters hurled eggs and a shoe at President Hassan Rouhani of Iran as he returned to Tehran on Saturday. Supporters cheered him for reach out to the Americans.

The New York Times reported today that Rouhani was standing in his car, waving through the sunroof as he passed supporters at the airport, when protesters threw eggs and a shoe at his car while others blocked the road by praying on the pavement.
“Our people are awake and hate America,” shouted the protesters.

“Long live Rouhani, man of change,” the president’s supporters shouted back.
Security guards then pulled Rouhani back inside the car as it sped off. One protester was almost run over after he threw himself in front of the president’s car.
Top photo: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was protected by bodyguards as he left the airport in Tehran on Saturday. (Atta Kenare/AFP-Getty Images/NYTimes)

Bottom photo: Shoe-throwing protester at Rouhani’s arrival in Tehran. (@ranarahimpour/Twitter)


Anonymous said...

All a game by the regime. Don't believe a single thing from these charlatans.

Anonymous said...

it's interesting to see shoes and eggs thrown at Rouhani without any of the throwers being arrested and made to suffer.

it would be positively delightful to see shoes and eggs and such thrown at Khamanei without arrests.

Anonymous said...

Look at the pos old car he's riding in