Sunday, September 8, 2013

Javaher Shopping Center in Tabriz, recently constructed

Recently constructed Javaher Shopping Center in Tabriz, a "bridge bazaar"

Facade of one of Javaher Shopping Center's entrances

Another exterior section providing view of multilevel structure

Interior detail of convenience elevators

Interior detail affording view of some of the 53 retail spaces provided at Javaher

Interior detail of convenience elevators

Interior detail of illuminated ceiling art

Interior detail of illuminated sculpture

Iranian consumers at the Javaher Shopping Center in Tabriz



Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Mark shops in a nice American mall in Northern California. Mark epitomizes the dishonesty of Iranian culture -- while he lives in the west, and while his greatest fear would be losing his American citizenship and moving to Iran -- he comes on here every day praising Iran's society. This is Iranian culture -- lies, lies, lies.

B.M.A said...

NO!- you are dead wrong ! and simply too harsh on Mark.

@-A people who invest in their country builds a strong society!

@-A military weak Nation that is under sanctions and lives under the dark cloud of constant threat of war normally looses its domestic investment from its citizens who flees to other Nations !.

@-HAIL the people in the country who have put their faith and trust upon themselves and their Government hence the robust economic activities in the country oblivious of war threats and sanctions!.-

@thank you Mark ,once more for giving this one!.

-civilized is that one who opposes a government ,criticizes its policies and gives his remedies and road map
and caries in his heart some good intentions .NOT one who laments and laments!,curses the bad and the good!-One who would poor vitriol on a Government! for [a 'CAPITAL OFFENSE'!] some noble investment by the citizens![private ventures].