Wednesday, August 29, 2012

UN Chief Urges Iran to Address Serious Human Rights Concerns

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in Tehran to attend the NAM Summit, told a news conference as he sat next to Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, that the U.N. has “serious concerns” about Iran’s human rights record and urged the country to co-operate with the world body to improve freedoms.

“We have discussed how United Nations can work together with Iran to improve the human rights situation in Iran. We have our serious concerns on the human rights abuses and violations in this country," Ban said. (Associated Press, 29 August)

Photo Credit: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (left) and Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani. Tehran, 29 August 2012. (Mehr News Agency/Mohsen Norouzifard)


Anonymous said...

stop lying, ban ki moon never mentioned anything about humanrights in Iran!

Unknown said...

@anon 8.47
Here are a couple of sources confirming this story.
1. Guardian

More sources are a google search away if you are so inclined.

Ps. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn't mean they're entitled to their own facts

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:47 PM

Are you trying to say there are human rights in Iran?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:47------" stop lying, ban ki moon never mentioned anything about humanrights in Iran!"

---- sems that the liar, if anyone, is yourself, silly person!!!!!


" UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Wednesday held talks with Iranian leaders on such issues as nuclear standoff, Syria and human rights ......."


you owe Mr Uskowi an apology.

are you mature enough to issue one?

Anonymous said...

This is a political victory for Iran and You nay sayers can't handle it!Just give up already losers!

Anonymous said...

Why the US has so big prison population in the world?

Why most of the US prison population are minorities?

Why do they execute prisoners with a low IQ and prisoners who repented themselves?
Why the US executes, when other countries with shorter period of "democracy" abandoned the death penalty?

What does it mean that minorities in the US still complain about discrimination, racism, racial profiling and fascism?

Have Mr. Ban had time to ask or answer those question so far???

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:00 AM

Wrong.One of the biggest prison populations in the world is in a dungeon called Iran.

Obama is the member of the minority and he is the US president.

The regime oppresses the women and forbids them to progress in life.

One example is the banning of 77 university subjects and the subsequent banning of any employment in the oil company and other engineering firms.

The regime also oppresses religious minorities like Bahai,Sufi,Sunni,Christians,Jews.

And the most oppressed are the members of the free thinking people of Iran,which tend to disagree with the methods used by this unconventional regime.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:00 AM

Your comment tries to deviate from my point and create a smokescreen for Mr Ban's bias and other propaganda.

You say that the US has president from minority (african ancestry).
But you do not mention that it have taken over 230 years discrimination, lynching and slavery to that point.
You do not mention that US prsidents owned (Mr.G. Washington owned 100 slaves) and exploited ( incl. sexually) black slaves, after their "glorious constitution" was signed.

You don't mention that Supreme Leader Khamenei and others are from MINORITY (Azeri) group, and that it not required to wait over 200 years for that fact...

You say that regime oppresses women and forbids them to progress in life and my knowledge recorded such facts that the women outnumber men at universities and that they have very liberal procedures regarding extensions of a marriage after preliminary (trial) period...

You state the religious minorities are oppressed in Iran.
To my knowledge religious minorities like Christian or Jews(who reside in Iran) and others, have their representatives in the Majlis, despite that by their numbers, they would not garner much votes in normal election..
Of course the government has to keep a watch and protect their activities from western espionage and penetration...
In the West religious minorities generally do not have any automatic representation and are strictly obliged not to interfere in political matters.
In Iran, the current political-religious system protects nation from the western interference and religious minorities are expected to support that situation and/or concentrate on their religious practices.

In the West "free thinking people" are cashing money for their complacency or enjoy physical means of life. Such people as L. La Rouche, P. Buchanan, R. Paul, D. Kucinich, N. Chomsky and others are treated as the exotic "nuts"...
and an example of "diversity" for others.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:54------that was an excellent answer to the silly little shill attempting to shift attention away from the failures of the Iranian government

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48pm

Looks like your knowledge and intelligence is limited by the words "silly little shill"..... you use.

Unknown said...

@ regime's anon et al
The united states has "problems" so Iran doesn't need to worry about it's own human rights?!!
These primitive arguments might work on some illiterate followers, but I dare say that readers here are a little bit more sophisticated than that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31 PM

You obviously believe your own propaganda.

You stated that women outnumber men in Iran's universities.
Granted they do or use too.But didn't you think for one minute that's the very reason why the regime has decided to ban 77 plus subjects for women?

You say Khamenei is a minority "Azeri" and you liken him to the minority African Americans.

I hate to tell you this.But Azari (the correct pronunciation)is hardly a minority in Iran which consists of 25 million out of the 74 million Iranian population.
And besides Azari people are 100 per cent Iranian.I should know, because I'm part Azari and Mazandarani near Caspian Sea.

That is precisely the point the religious minorities like the Bahai and Sufi cannot practice their religion without the IRGC thugs braking down their doors and arresting or imprisoning them.

Sunni cannot build Mosque in Tehran and Jews are made to feel uncomfortable.

If you are Jewish or Christian,Sunni,you cannot serve in the armed forces or the police and government ministries.

Is it a sin to be free thinking and enjoying your life?
Because for sure as hell you can't enjoy it in death.

In the Islamic state only the hypocritical regime members enjoy their life due to all the booty they have plundered from Iranian nation.

And at the same time they expect the nation to tolerate shortages and hardships with no hope for the future or end at site.

Thank you Anon 3:48 PM.I try to tell how it is to some over zealous members of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46PM

Thanks for your lenghty comments.
I still learn many things as everyone should assume in their lives, however I see that for many people on this blog, analyzing of different views has no importance and instead they supplement their shortcomings with disparagments, slogands and propaganda.

You are very concerned about Sunnis, but you, in your analysis, do not take in consideration facts, that Sunnis in Iraq or Bahrain have oppressed Shiites.

How about present situation in Iraq, where Sunnis with Al Queda slaughter Shiites (who are in majority) on a daily basis.
You don't have that kind of events in the IRI so far.

If there are any restriction on other religions in th IRI at present, the may be justified by the situation of aggression on the IRI by differrent forms. Some denominations may have been penetrated or rendered help to western intelligencies.
I believe that without sanctions, after 1979, there would be more open system and liberalization now.

In case of an aggression (in different forms) and a war, dreams of "liberalization" have to wait for better times.

You said that tha Azari people are hardly a minority because they consist 25 mln of Iran's population. By international standards it is considered a minority and some people even claim that some teritories in Iran, should be united with Azerbaijan.
I have red that there is a community (town) in Azerbaijan and they are ostracized and discriminated because they symphatize with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

You are also concerned about enjoing a life.
Some people in the West enjoy life by making graffitis on others property ...and in subways.
The owners of vandalized(graffitized properties) are oebliged, at their costs and under penalties, to repaint or remove those graffitis. Is a logical explanaton to that situation, where some people claim to the right of freedom of expression (make graffiti)?
The conclusion may be that some people may try to enjoy from events where Israel and the West will defeat Islamic Republic and the costs of that adventures will be paid by other people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:51 PM

Azari people are not a minority because they are Iranian.
Don't believe the propaganda coming out of Baku.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fazeli 5:37PM

My response to your 5:37 PM comment, which I sent to you, hasn't been posted so far. I may suspect your censorship or outside malware.

Anyway, because you endorse and support people's comments who use to disparagoe others, I would like to dedicate for you the same comment I responded earlier to person who tried to disparage me:

My comment to you is as follows:

Are you supporting people with limited knowledge or intelligence who like Anon 3:48PM use words "little silly shill".
Are you describing that man as a sophisticated reader?

Your judgment has to be very poor if you state that you dare to say that readers here are little bit more sophisticated (than my "primitive arguments...")

Are more people like those in that (your?)"barn"?

Unknown said...

@anon 7.19

I appreciate that you're just trying to do your job in defending the regime you work for, but you can't demand that we buy the diversionary BS.

I understand that you want to divert the dissuasion into personal issues, or problems in other countries, etc., but that doesn't change the fact that we are talking about the ISLAMIC REOUBLIC OF IRAN'S poor human rights record in this particular segment of the blog.

Let me break it down what's being discussed here:
1. Does Iran have a worse human rights records than most countries? YES
2. Does Iran stand in the top 10 countries in the world in executions? YES
3. Does Iran use brutal force to quash dissent? YES
4. Does Iran have political prisones from the 2 years ago uprising? YES
5. Does the world see and know all the above? YES
6. Do we care what the west has done by comparison to Iran in terms of human right? My personal answer is NO. Iran should be responsible for its own actions, not in comparison to the Taliban or the united states, or any other entity or country.

So please, stop diverting from this important issue (again, human rights in Iran) that affects the lives and future of millions of Iranians, who want to exsersize their persnal and political rights, without being beaten, raped, killed, or imprisoned.

Now if you can tell us why the regime justifies killing, imprisoning, and raping political prisoners, then by all means do so. I'm sure the readers will be as curious as I am to read that prospective.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:51 PM

If you compare graffiti to human rights,then you have a hell of a lot of reading to do regarding the subject.
I suspect you are one of those regime stooges trying to divert attention away from the real issues regarding the problems in Iran.

Anonymous said...

---- Are you supporting people with limited knowledge or intelligence who like Anon 3:48PM use words "little silly shill".
Are you describing that man as a sophisticated reader?----

that man has a rather good education and a rather higher than average level of intelligence, you self-inflated little windbag.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:41PM

Mr. Goebbels claimed to have sophisticated skills and education too....

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:19 AM

Talk about sour grapes!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Goebbels claimed to have sophisticated skills and education too.... -----

and Khamenei makes similar claims to Goebbels, although he has even less education and eloquence than did Dr Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

Goebbels stated that when lies are repeated ten times or more then they became a truth.

So it is the reason that most "commentators" repeats slogans against the Islamic Republic of Iran and feel sour and uncomfortable when somebody tries present an opposing view supported by facts.

In their "responses" they are only strong in invectives, disparaging and repeat worn slogans without facts.

When somebody asked for information about israeli's interference during the earliest periods of Iran's history, nobody have had a courage to specify details in that matter.
I see that administrators of this blog have time and willingness to present and recommend israeli information and speculations but they had no time and will to publicize that kind of important information, like israeli inteferences or an influence on the early history of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Unknown said...

@Anon 8.48

I think you are picking the wrong topic to BS about.

The death and arrest of Iranian dissents is much more important than you realize. In fact many will be held accountable for those crimes one day.

You wanted facts so here is a list of over 1200 dead and imprisoned dissidents compiled by the British guardian. It includes personal information, dates of arrest or death, and locations of prisons..

Fior every one of these dissident iranians there are hundreds missing with no traceable records.

You can defnd that or you can keep talking about Israel instead, but as you do please remember the Persian proverb:
"گوز به شقيقه چه ربتي داره؟"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fazeli
In response to your comment 10:11PM

I have to suggest that you will consider Iranian victims of the mossad, victims of S. Hussein's aggression against the IRI supported by the West, victims of Savak and Shah's oppressors as well as the victims of the coup against the democratically elected government in 1953.

You should also consider over 200 victims of the iranian jetliner, downed by the Uss Vincennes and the terrorist attacks in the IRI, where innocents civilians were killed.

Unknown said...

@anon 2:38

Is this the answer the regime figures will give in court when they will be held accountabale one day?

Are they really going to say that we did all these atrocities against our own people in retaliation for what other countries did to our own people?!
I'm sure the judges will find that answer unacceptable.

Since Iranian will eventually be free, the day of reckoning will come, so I suggest the regime start looking for a better excuse for what the rest of the world considers crimes and you consider a justified occurrence.

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Mr Fazeli 10:24AM

The West is on decline and nothing will help its situation.

If you will be still alive, in about thirty years or earlier you will see an emptiness (hollowness) of your assumptons.

There will be different rules for courts to deal with losers...and hipocrytes.

Human rights are a pretext in West's strategies to expand their influence and monopoly, over duped people,...and to invade other cultures.

Your sponsors or role models did not care about human rights in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Vietnam. Their courts declined to consider punishments for the My Lai and other massacress...

Anonymous said...

Mr. J. Fazeli 1:02PM

Let me answer your comment's last two sentences.

Probably, "the regime" will explain that most of those allegations are unfounded or exagerated...
The rest of an explanation would be that it has to defend the nation against those who supported and organized the 1953 coup as well as their present symphatizers or agents...

As an answer to your questions and self-answers in pt 1-6, above sentences and other comments at this blog may explain your concerns.

There would be no these blogs and concerns if the "masters/handlers" of human rights issues would prevent their governments from organization of the 1953 coup, against democratically elected goverment, and other forms of the following aggressions against Iran.

Finally, I have to state that I am not diverting discussion because it is Mr. Bans responsibility to act in unbiased way.
Mr. Ban doesn't see human rights the same way in the world and you do not want to recognize that issue of human rights is a pretext to continue West influence according to the 1953 coup's objectives and goals.

Therefore, I stated that Mr. Ban doesn't deal with issues of human right's in the West; the same way like he does with the Islamic Republic, because he was chosen by the west and has to be "politically corect", not to offfend his sponsors.

My other suggestion against your reprimand (that I divert) is that that other people use offensive and disparaging words and you endorse their positions.

I still learn, and would like to know what the abbreviation BS and the letters M.D. (after your name) mean.

Unknown said...

@ anon 4:10
History always repeats itself when it comes to dictators.

-We had the shah, now we have the new shah, Khamenei.
-We had the SAVAK, now we have the SAVAMA.
-We had Evin prison, hey we still have Evin prison.

Just like the shah, the new shah and his regime thinks he's invisible, but history has shown that once you lose the support of your people, your days are numbered, even if it does take 33 years

In the 21 century, it is much easier to hold people accountable for their crimes compared to the time of the shah. The emails, documents, and video clips that show who's responsible for the atrocities in Iran will surface, and those criminals will be held accountable. It doesn't matter if it will happen during my life time or not, what is certain is that no ocanon the regime can escape the consequences of their crimes.

Unknown said...

@anon 5:40
My last comment to your colleague in the cubical next to you should cover most of your comment as well.

With regards to your question on the meaning of BS and MD, I'll give you a hint, the first starts with bull, and the second starts with medical. Expand your horizon, do a google search!

As far as readers being unfriendly to you, you should grow thicker skin if your going to take on the job of defending your dicatorship on sensitive issues like our iraian friends and families getting killed for demonstrating against your bosses.

Good luck with your dicatorship, enjoy it while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

@Jabber Fazeli

I don't disagree with a lot of things you mentioned.But you got to understand Iran was no Denmark and was faced with the kind of people that rule today.
It's very easy to call the Shah a dictator.But Iran wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.
And please don't bring up 1953,because under the 1906 constitution the Shah had the right to dismiss the prime minister.
The prime minister closed parliament and therefor the constitution was implemented.
The Iranian people didn't want to be shafted by the Soviets through the back door therefor army did the right move.
I am sick and tired as are many Iranians about the so called democratically elected government being overthrown by the CIA and parachuting the Shah into power,a total myth and a bunch of lies.
Why? Because the Shah was already the king and Mossadeq was his prime minister.
Can you imagine if David Cameron tries to overthrow the Queen of Britain?
The oil nationalization,again in principle the Shah wanted nationalized oil for Iran but he was a realist.He knew that BP controlled all aspects of that industry.Like extraction,transportation,refinement and sales. Don't forget this is 1953 not 2012 with counties like China India and South East Asia not just Britain,Italy,France,Germany and US.
Back to that subject of dictator.So what happened when the Shah left the country because of his refusal to kill his people?
Some naive people claim he was a coward but the opposite was true because a takes a very brave man to leave the country because of his refusal to kill unlike the barbaric terrorists that are terrorizing Iran today.
And the reasons why this terrorist regime is here today was because of some misguided idiots that thought they knew better but it severely backfired on them and the Iranian nation.

Unknown said...

@anon 10:56

I admire your loyalty to your king, but we can't ignore historical facts (subject to future discussions I'm sure). In any case, everyone, including shah loyalists, should consider standing united with the rest of us around the principle of achieving democracy in Iran.
Restoring the shah's legacy is not a priority right now, and it shouldn't distract from the tasks at hand.

As you can see, the regime loyalists are already distracting us into side discussions that have nothing to do with the issue of improving human rights and personal rights for Iranians in the present day.

Anonymous said...

Jabbar Fazeli MD

My loyalty is to the history of my country.
But I agree with you 100 per cent that our main problem is the terrorists that are occupying our country.
I am a firm believer in Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy and Human rights and specially rights for Woman.
And to achieve those goals we are already united my friend.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56PM

I see you have been working in tandem with Mr. Fazeli to rescue him with unconvenient (truth) situations and console him with your saying, that the Shah had constitutional right to dismiss Mossadegh.

The Shah was a puppet and coward, who fled twice his country. First time he fled the country one day after an imperial guard, with his (shah's) decree, unsuccessfuly attempted to arrest PM Mossadegh. He (shah) then was brought back from Rome to Tehran by Allan Dulles, the director of CIA.
The second time he fled the country; not because like you state he wanted to save human lives but, to protect his life when his Savak was not able to kill more people...

Royal decree dismissing Mossadegh, was planned with the CIA and even by that fact, he had no moral grounds in addition that that decree required Parliament's consent.
An earlier referendum to dissolve the parliament and give the PM power to make laws was submitted to voters and it passed with approval over 2 mln votes and only 1300 opposing votes. At that times agents from the UK and the CIA did everything to bribe politicians, street thugs, clergy and army officers with shah's knowledge and consent.
The Shah lost its moral authority much earlier, when the 1921 military coup d'etat, supported by the UK, permitted his emergence and when they again had entroned (installed) Reza Pahlavi in 1925.

Your comment that Iranian people did not want to be shafted by Soviets are already questioned, worldwide, by renowned historians (who don't need a title M.D. at their names...)

You say that shah wanted oil's nationalization...but he was a realist (at that time).
Was he really realist, for what?

By the facts, the Shah had no courage to support changes in that matter when other countries managed to get 50% share of profits from oil revenues...

Todays situation with the sanctions against the Islamic Republic is the same blackmail like it was during Mossadegh's times when the UK instigated worldwide boycott (sanctions) and imposed blocade of Iranian ports, to break iran economically -like it is today. Shah was idle and "did not take an action" at that time....."to save the country".

Everyone and you should see, a HIPOCRYSY FROM THE WEST and its supporters, when they are concerned about the free passage through the Strait of Hormuz and they accepted 1950s blocade of Iranian ports by the UK navy..

Finally you should correct your false assumption that Shah was going to save human lives, because Federation of American scientists found Savak quilty of the torture and execution of thousands of political prisoners...

I also see you wouldn't like to see a Russian presence in Iran but I can assume you would love the West influence in it.
Today's Islamic Republic of Iran has got a honor not to be influenced by anybody when it comes to selfrule !!!

I am an author of earlier comments described by Mr. Fazeli as BS... and he has a M.D.

Unknown said...

Faced with teenage standards of argument, I must borrow a teenager answer, and say: "whatever!"

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34 PM

I was expecting someone like you to turn up and bestow their dross upon these pages.
The problem people like you have is that the Shah didn't kill or didn't kill enough.So you make up a wish list of saying he killed thousands.Which since the passing of time is known to be nothing but pure and unfounded fabricated fictional lies.

The federation of American scientists like the CIA and MI6 are the ones that fabricate lies to topple countries that are heading towards progress and replace them with primitive charlatans like Khomeini and Khamenei supported by Ayatollah BBC and Ayatollah New York Times.

Reza Shah saved the country from the useless and corrupt puppet Qajar dynasty.And the Iranian parliament approved of it by a huge majority.
He wanted a republic but the mullahs pleaded to him to form a new dynasty because of what happened in Turkey.

You make me laugh with your propaganda against Reza Shah because under your beloved useless Qajars Iran didn't even have their own banks and the currency used in Tehran couldn't be used in Shiraz.
The country was given over to the British and Russians with their wild dogs to run and steal from.Even the Army was run by foreigners.Hell,Iran only existed by name only and ready for breakup.

What ever nonsense fossils like you say it wouldn't change the fact that the Shah was the constitutional head of state and Mossadeq his prime minister.

Iran was in no position in 1953 to go it alone to extract and market the oil independently.If you think otherwise then you know nothing of the intricacy of the oil industry at that time.

The Shah had the courage and implemented changes regarding land distribution,woman's rights,workers rights,education,and that didn't go down well with the mullahs and their supporters.
The Shah also faced a number of assassins bullets.I like you to face bullets and see who is a "coward"!

Now you sit behind your computer and feel happy by spewing out all your venomous lies to kingdom come.But it wont change reality of the state of the country as it is in TODAY which is a living hell hole of mass thievery,mass imprisonment,mass rape,mass torture and mass murder.

You also claim that the regime has honor.If you think honor is by giving away billions of dollars of our money to foreign terrorists and mass murderers like Assad of Syria while our people are jobless and homeless with no future.
If you think honor is for the president going to Haj and Khameini not uttering a single word while the Iranian people are buried alive under the earthquake rubble.
If you think honor is to give away our oil for nothing to the Chinese and Indians or giving away 37 percent of the Caspian Sea to make it 13 per cent to Russia and the central Asian states.
Then you know nothing of the meaning of "honor".

I hope you are enjoying you're life in the West while supporting a bloodthirsty dishonorable anti Iranian entity in occupied Iran.
That is the true meaning of hypocrisy!
And by the way,Jabber Fazeli is right regarding your earlier comments.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34 PM

"when the 1921 coup d'etat...blah blah...had (installed) Reza Pahlavi in 1925."

I'm a republican but there is no denying that Reza Shah saved Iran and brought it into the 20th century in less than 16 years.
Anyone that tries to change that historic fact is only a fool upon them self.
Ahmad Shah Qajar could not give a damn when he abdicated because he said he preferred living in France than in his own country Iran.
Iran was a bankrupt ruin under the Qajars.They cared more for private parties,donkey rides and clowning around than affairs of state.
The vermin that rule Iran today are the direct disciples of the opium addicted Qajars.
Iran knows the truth as regards this matter.

Anonymous said...

Fazeli 7:01PM

How relevant are your M.D. letters at this posts?

Are you one the medical persons who use to misdiagnose multiple times in medical and/or political matters too?
Are you a person who was fired from your previous medical positions?

You do not mind to cooperate with monarchist "at that point"...
Are you for brothels in Iran too?

I might add some other comments in about a year...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57AM

In conjunction to your statement that..."Shah brought Iran into the 20 century in less than 16 years"... I would like to state that present IRI, without silly and hypocritical sanctions, would be able to explore the cosmic space with human beings as well as to develop modern industries and technologies not inferior to those of Japan and other highly developed countries.

Shah, indeed, had brougt luxurious cars and lavish lifestyles for his family and cronies as well as wasted money to serve military goals of israel and its western supporters...

That is the real reason of which the western bullies are afraid of (that Iran might be independent superpower, regarding; and including, economical and technological issues).

Unknown said...

Anon 3:43
I'm glad you finally cought on to what MD means, good luck with your other endeavors!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:24 PM

Under this regime 1200 billion dollars was made from sale of oil. Yet under the previous 100 years 110 billion dollars was made.
Where is this stolen 1200 billion dollars gone too?
I tell you where too. Hezbollah,Hamas,the regime members and their servants as well as billions stolen by that thief Rafsanjani and the biggest thief of all Khameini and his wishful thinking son.Not to mention the $18 billion in a truck that ended in Turkey during 2009.
You forgotten that a few weeks ago the regime bought nearly 200 bullet proof luxury cars at a cost of $100 million dollars while our people were dying under the rubble.
You mention about the previous Shah and I'm a republican yet in your assumption I see cheap propaganda nonsense typical of a Islamic regime stooge.
Brainwashed people like you can't be reasoned with after the education given to you by the mullahs when you were in the barrel.
I will stop corresponding with you because of those reasons.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:43 PM

"You do not mind cooperate with monarchist"

Says the minion of a mass genocidal regime.

Go and help your masters friend Assad to commit more genocide on behalf of the fascist regime in Iran.By killing more Syrian civilians in the thousands.
God knows,he needs fanatics like you because he is running short on help.

"Are you for brothels in Iran too?"

Strange that you should mention that because when it comes to brothels the regime mullahs have cornered that market in a huge way!

I don't suppose you heard of SEEQEH?....Prostitution sanctioned
by the regime mullahs.

Basically the regime has granted men to turn Iranian women into a prostitute,therefor making a
mockery out of marriage.

Oh,and not to forget they are allowed to marry off 9 year old little girls to fully grown men.

And to add insult to injury Iran has a huge drugs problem as well.One of the biggest in the world in fact.

At least the regime has made Iran advanced in those fields wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05PM

I am not in Iran now, so I would recommend to you to ask Mat (who is not despised at this blog(s), despite that he sometimes see israel in "darker colors")about your other concerns.

I can inform you and those who are eager for the western culture, that traditional marriage in the West becomes a relic of the past.

Most marriages ends in a divorce.
People marry twice or even more times during their lifetimes.
Many couples lives without any official union for years or even all life.
One can marry in casinos' chapels and divorce on next days...

In recent years more and more homosexual "marriages" emerge, which also may be dissolved by divorce...

Anonymous said...

muniliz 41Anon 9:40Pm

"Regime" has to buy bulletproof cars because other "democracies" do the same and those "democracies" help assasinate Iranian scientists and other Iranian staff.
I believe Shah had bulletproof ones too.

You say that "regime" wasted- stole 1200 bilions.
The US military spends that kind of amount in couple years. You have to remember that Islamic Republic have had to cover costs of 8 year war with Iraq; supported by the West, maintain the army for over 30 years to counter constant threats and spend hudge resources for building civilian infrastructure like schools, roads, dams, subways, airports, pipelines, ships and etc.

And during those previous 100 years; where 110 billion (according your info) was made, no such achievements, like in the Islamic Republic were Made.
One have to notice that that 110 billions had similar value in time to those 1200 "wasted by regime" according your means.

Like you see your arguments are nullified (trumped down) by my explanation.

You can make a freedom of choice (republicans do not like these words) to stop corresponding with me.

I can only tell you that you are strong in cursing me, because you are a member of an informal team, which likes to attack one person at the same time...with slurs and slogans instead of precise reasoning.

Should you change your mind, submit an apology now, or in a year - after the "enemy" will be defeated...

Anonymous said...

"I can only tell you are strong in cursing me,"

You can't curse the cursed!

Unknown said...

I see we covered Israel, failed marriages, brothels, my MD status, Iranian history, not to mention the personal attacks on various commentators. When will the regime agents address the topic of this blog segment, namely the absence of human rights in today's Iran?
I challenge the regime proponents to address the current human rights issues without any diversionary arguments and excuses. Can you?!! Anyone?!!

Anonymous said...

@Jabber Fazeli

Hi! It's the racist and turban hating monarchist here.

What you say is very true.But you must realize these specimens have been cultivated back of the zoo for a specific purpose only...Sampashe.

All the best my friend.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fazeli 9:05PM

Thanks for your answer, but I again see that you diagnose in incorrect way.

First of all you should suspend that argument, that "there was shah and we have another shah (SL Ajatollah Khamenei), because you anticipate an union with monarchists until "a victory(?)".
Secondly, Mr. Khamanei is not a shah but serves the God and the nation.
He has been chosen by the Assembly of Experts, who verify Mr. Khamenei's standings every year.
Those experts have a legitimacy by a continueous support of people, who attend their presence in large numbers and participate in their teachings at mosques.
Shah had lost his legitimacy by a cooperation with and a tolerance of foreign agents' actions, who undermined democratic processes in the nation....

Your comparison, that there were Savak and the Evin prison, and that there are now Savama and the Evin again, are irrelevant because you anticipate that you want to hold "criminals" accountable....

So it means that you want a continuation of special security agencies and prisons in the future...
If we add an assumption; based on your previouus article, that you recommend to consider a war, as a tool, for "liberation" of Iran, you don't honestly qualify to portray yourself as a promoter of civil rights...

Civil rights according historic icons in human history, should be resolved by dialog, patience and it is God who will decide a final outcome...

I would also like to dedicate the words of a certain Nobel Prize's Winner that "there are limits of a freedom affected (imposed) by the resposibility.."

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:34 PM

You are wrong because I am not compensated for my activity like many of you.
When I was younger I had the same mentality like all of you, but my experiences with different systems in the world educated and authorized me to state that kind opinions like I state so far.

Another difference between me and all of you is that I do not use primitive slurs against you and I try present my arguments instead...

Your response again contains numerous inaccuracies and demagoguery.

For instance, you apparently support current West policies but you dismiss Federation of American Scientists' findings about shah's repressions...

For your education I would like to inform you that the US endorsed in Saudi Arabia the arrangement between Aramco and the kingdom of SA, stipulating 50/50 profit sharing, after SA king in 1950 threatened to nationalize his country oil facilities, thus pressuring Aramco to agree to share profits 50/50.
So your murky arguments that the shah could not support Mossadegh in that matters are childish, because the shah had instead time to particpate with foreign agents to destabilize the government and to prepare a pretext for the coup against the PM.
Prime Minister Mossadegh wanted to change unjust British dictat that Iran may receive only up to 16% of profits.
Even in other countries, like Venezuela, corrections of profits were made couple years earlier before 1950.

You also insist that the shah was the head of the state and Mossadegh only PM.
American Revolution did not care that the king of England supposed to be their head...

Since the shah had left the Iran, it was the revolution that nominated next legitimate rulers!!!

Regarding your comment that the Islamic Republic is giving away 37%of Caspian Sea, please be informed that Soviet Union was mainly disintegrated by the West strategies and after Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan emerged, the West supported their claims to the Caspian Sea. Because that support of the West and israel, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan did not want to agree to first proposals that each country will have 20 miles exclusive zone from their coasts and the rest of Caspian Sea will be open to further discussion about cooperation. israel have great influence in Azerbaijan and the US support it too. So there is no way for Iran to exercise its rights in shaping just agreement on Caspian Sea, because the West encourages Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan for their wishes. In that situation the IRI has correctly declined to join any permanent regulation regarding status of the Caspian Sea..
Russia cannot interfere in delineation of sea borders between Iran's sea neighbours and the IRI because the neighbours threatened to invite US bases if their "wishes" are affected...
And the Iranian 13% (of Caspian Sea ownership) emerged from those Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan's wishes...

Regarding Syria, it is providing extra time for a prospective defense of the Islamic Republic...

Finally I have to remind you that in all cultures, it is not a honor for families or countries when its members help outside enemies of that families or countries. The problems should be resolved by countries or families themselves... Otherwise those who invite outsiders are traitors.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:53 AM

Now you become an age expert as well?

Unknown said...

@anon 4:25

Thanks for addressing the human rights issue in Iran directly, and without going on a tangent.

I use the word Shah for Khamenei interchangeably, because just like the Shah, he is the obsolete supreme ruler who is not answerable to people through elections.

The assembly of experts and other Iranian institutions have long lost true power in Iran. Do you really think the the assembly of experts is able or willing to remove Khamenei, who is appointed by "God"?!

The current ecurity opparatus mirrors the old one, and use the words "terrorists" and "criminals" to punish everyone who stands in opposition. I'm sure there are some terrorists and some criminals, just like there were some during the shah, but the regime can't fool us into thinking that every opposition figure is a terrorist or criminal.

A Shah oppointed by "god" is harder to remove than a shah appointment by himself or his father. Khamenei is no differenet than the English and French kings, who also claimed devine rights.

If the Islamic republic regime had the support of the people it wouldnt need to put security forces on every corner, put dissidents in prisons, and shut or censor newspapers. If you want to see the level of oppression practiced in Iran, you should compare the headlines in Keyhan newspaper from 1979, with the headlines in 2009 during the post election uprising. The Shah's reaction to the 1979 revolution pales by comparison to the total war mentality of the current regime in its dealing with dissent.

Sadly, the regime's brutal tactics carry with it grave consequences, as when revolution does eventually happen there will likely be a blood bath in Iran, with many current regime supporters losing their lives in retaliation. Let's hope the new regime will be more receptive to human rights than the current one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:53 AM

"...Mr Khameini is not a shah but serves the God and the nation."

@No his not the shah but he sees himself higher than one because he is a pompous self righteous ass that claims to speak on behalf of the hidden imam and the so-called representative of Allah on earth.

"that you recommend to consider a war,as a tool,for "liberation" of Iran,"

@No,we recommend the regime to face reality and accept the fact that they are not wanted anymore, and need to peacefully dismantle.
If they refuse,then necessary force will be applied by the Iranian masses.

"American Revolution did not care that the king of England supposed to be their head."

@Well,good for them! But Iran is not America.

"Regarding Syria,it is providing extra time for a prospective defense of the Islamic Republic..."

@Time is fast running out for Assad's regime.The Islamic Regime fares no better.When you have dictatorships relying on barbaric brute force to constantly stifle the masses, the result will be an enormous backlash.

"So your murky argument that the shah could not support Mossadegh in that matters are childish,"

@Is that your best answer?
I like to know where you got your "murky" 16% from?

And if it was 16 per cent(which it wasn't) then the Shah achieved a hell of a lot with it! Unlike the criminal regime that is in Iran today with the so-called 100 per cent of profits.

I think you are wasting my time with your regime propagated nonsense.You're beginning to sound like a broken old record going round and round endlessly!

I also recommend you to go out and take some fresh air,then go and read some unbiased books that have been written by non-regime affiliates.

There was no "cursing" involved in this post.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fazeli 11:13 AM

Thanks for the comment and avoiding disparagments.

Again I repeat that Mr. Khamanei has more legitimacy, because he was chosen by the Assembly of Experts in a formal voting.
The experts monitor competency of the Supreme Leader and will not allow his cooperation with foreign agents against country...

The assembly members are chosen by public voting and therefore have a legitimacy...

The Islamic Republic since 1979 is under a factual war, so a presence of security forces is justified, because it prevents enemy to expand sabotage and hurt; more, the civilian population of the IRI.

Because there has been continuous aggresion (in different forms) against the Islamic Republic and its citizens, the "regime" cannot afford to experiment with a liberalization, where foreign agent would receive possibilities for unchecked and expanded operations...

Unknown said...

@anon 11:13
Thanks for the response. I sincerely hope hat you don't get thrown into prison for being a relative moderate amongst your peers.

Even through the assembly of experts is elected, the candidates are vetted through the guardian council (6 members appointed by the supreme leaders and the other 6 appointed by the juditionary and approved by parliament. The juditionary as you know is also under the control or is answerable to the supreme leader).

If you're old enough to remmeber, the first Islamic republic election was about electing the form of government. In retrospect it was a sham as the option were YES or NO for "Islamic Republic". No other alternatives, just one.

All future Iranian elections included a system of vetting that excluded true opposition figures. It is a sad state of affairs that even among the vetted candidates, the regime still felt the need to cheat in the actual ballet box.

I don't want to get ino an argument about the 2009 elections irregularities, but I can tell you from my own experience in voting in the Iranian system:

Here is what I remember:
- I had to enter my vote using a pencil
- there was no description or designation next to the candidate names.
- I didn't enter my vote in a private area
- the officials receiving the vote and helping me put it in the box could see my ballet and my vote.

Democracy is not about elections, it's about processes and true freedom. You can't deny freedom in the name of security, or foreign interference, or whatever other excuse. People are ready for democracy and freedom now, not when the officials feel the populous is ready.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:11PM

Regarding your question about 16%,
I recommend information in

- kinzer, Stephen, All the Shah's Men, 2003, p.48

Anonymous said...

Mr. J. Fazeli 4:53PM

Thanks for your comment.

I was already in prison during my lifetime...,and despite, that some people would wish me a prison, I am not afraid anymore...

In new systems the first elections are very important because they usually determine general direction of the future changes and only a strong leadership can guarantee that development. Please notice that the US has only two party system and practical choice is only between two parties.. There has also been vetting - one must not call for overthrowing current (capitalist) system by force, a comunist party is forbidden, antisemites will be excluded and everything is finally decided by money lobbies. Mainly, candidates with top "donations" succeed, for the rest is a "Hyde Park" type of freedoms.
Generally, majorities of people in almost all countries (except few), do not care about most "freedoms" (except religious), when their minimal economical and cultural expectations are met...

In Islamic Repeublic, voting rules and procedures evolve for the better.
At present, you can use your own pencil, pen or penball. There were posters; inside the voting places, with names of candidates and their party affiliations. You could find printed materials with photos of candidates. Depending on places there were different (partial booths; where one could be separated from others and generally officials could not see markings on peoples' ballots, unless you would use their tables and want them to see your ballot.

I expect that if there will be a presidential election in 2013, the authorities (establishment) will introduce additional safeguards into the election procces, against fraud's accusations by opponents of the system.

Unknown said...

@anon 2:01
Thank you.
I'm glad to hear that you are not at risk of persecution; I wish the rest of us could say the same.
Wile I don't want to drag the argument about what I see as rigged elections in Iran based on interdependent institutions, I do want to correct you on the US system (not that that would justify the Iranian shortcomings).
The communist party is not outlawed in the USA, neither is any other party. In fact you could start the "Islamic republic" party here tomorrow and nobody can stop you; getting votes is another story.

The two party system exists because bitters don't vote for other parties in significant numbers, not because other parties are outlawed. Registering for a party doesn't require Givernment approval, just simple tax and local Government paperwork. No one can deny any party from registering based in political platform, in fact no party has to provide that information to anyone.

For your information, here is a list of registered partied in the united states. (Iran can not even come close, in terms of the diversity of political opinion in the united states, it's no contest really)? The list is so long I have to do it separately.

Unknown said...

United states political parties:

Major political parties:

Those parties that have "an independent state organization... in a majority of the states"[1] is listed as a major party. (This does not include Independent)
Democratic Party 1828
Republican Party 1854
Libertarian Party 1971
Green Party 1991
Constitution Party 1992

Minor political parties:

(This does not include Independents.)

America First Party founded in 2002
American Party* 1969
American Populist Party 2009
American Third Position Party 2010
Americans Elect 2011
America's Party 2008
Christian Liberty Party 1996
Citizens Party of the United States 2004
Communist Party of the United States of America 1919
Freedom Socialist Party 1966
Independence Party of America 2007
Independent American Party 1998
Jefferson Republican Party 2006
Justice Party 2011
Labor Party 1996
Modern Whig Party 2008
National Socialist Movement 1974
Objectivist Party 2008
Party for Socialism and Liberation 2004
Peace and Freedom Party 1967
Prohibition Party 1869
Raza Unida Party 1970
Reform Party of the United States of America 1995
Socialist Action 1983
Socialist Alternative 1986
Socialist Equality Party 1966
Socialist Party USA 1973
Socialist Workers Party 1938
United States Marijuana Party 2002
United States Pacifist Party 1983
United States Pirate Party 2006
Unity Party of America 2004
Workers World Party 1959

Regional (state) parties:

These parties are based only in states or certain regions and rarely, if ever, offer candidates for national offices. These are all parties that are unaffiliated with national parties. Each state has official state chapters of the major parties as well as some of the minor parties.

Alaskan Independence Party
Republican Moderate Party of Alaska

Connecticut for Lieberman

Blue Enigma Party
Independent Party of Delaware

Florida Whig Party

Aloha Aina Party

Moderate Party

Populist Party of Maryland

Ecology Democracy Party
Grassroots Party
[edit]New Jersey
New Jersey Conservative Party

New York:
Conservative Party of New York State
Freedom Party of New York
Liberal Party of New York
Marijuana Reform Party
New York State Right to Life Party
Rent Is Too Damn High Party
Tax Revolt Party of Nassau County
Taxpayers Party of New York
Working Families Party of New York*

Charter Party (Cincinnati only)

Constitution Party of Oregon
Independent Party of Oregon
Oregon Progressive Party
Oregon Working Families Party

Puerto Rico:
Movimiento Unión Soberanista
New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico, also translated New Party for Progress of Puerto Rico
Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico
Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party, (Partido por Puerto Rico)
Puerto Rican Independence Party
Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, (Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico)
Worker's People Party of Puerto Rico, (Partido del Pueblo Trabajador)

Rhode Island:
Moderate Party of Rhode Island

South Carolina:
United Citizens Party

Vermont Progressive Party
Liberty Union Party
Vermont Working Families Party

U.S. Virgin Islands:
Independent Citizens Movement

Progressive Dane (Dane County only)

Historical parties:

The following parties are no longer functioning; they are listed in order of founding.
Federalist Party (c. 1789 – c. 1820)
Anti-Federalist Party (c. 1789 – c. 1792)

Anonymous said...

Response to Mr.J. Fazeli 6:52PM

I believe that that factual situation, where two parties always hold powers and the presidency through centuries, shows a hipocrysy of the system which portrays itself as a kind of multiple diversity.

Diversity does mean that the only two the same parties are representatives of all society for over two hundread years.

Democracy doesn't mean that if there are "HYDE PARKS" that is a demokracy, or that if you have money (for campaigning) as well a good appearance, you have better chances.

Those multiple parties, you have specified, have the same meanings in that system like the "HYDE PARK"(s).

American electoral system is flawed, because it doesn't precisely represent number of votes
and even intimidates voters, by a fact, that their votes will be lost if they will not be cast for one of the two big parties...

With differrent percentages during the votings, in many cases, the winner gets all delegates despite that there are next stages of election process.
It could even theorically happen that number of delegates will not correspond to factual total numbers of votes in presidential or other votings.

There is another aspect of this situation that despite obvious and repeated mistakes, the majority of society; brainwashed for years by certain propagandas, believes in myths of system's infallibillity.

Unknown said...

@anon 1:47
I really don't think the Iranian regime is in any position to crtizise the US political system to divert attention from its own shortcomings.
There is really no comparison!

For the sake of argument, let's say that the the system in the US is as horrible as you claim, how does that absolve the Islamic republic from responsibility for:
-media censorship
-human rights violations in prisons.
- lack of freedom of speech, as evident by the fact that many of us went into self exile in order to continue to be free to speak our minds.
-inability of political candidates to stand in the elections without having to fit the mold and pass a vetting process first.
When was the last communist party candidate in Iran? Or shah supporter, or liberal democrats? These candidates can not run in Iran, despite your claims otherwise. In fact, if candidates declare themselves different, they risk execution or prison.
Even the reform candidates who worked within the system and didn't dare ask for regime change, we're shut down harshly and sent to prison or are under house arrest.

If history is any indicator, a regime that uses outside excuses, or a constant state of war, to oppress the people will not last forever. I just hope that the change in Iran happens during my lifetime, so that I get to write my criticisms from within Iran without risking death.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fazeli 6:52PM

Someone born in the US explained to me that, one can compare the american party system to the same type of an old faulty car, with a difference, that they have two different faded colors....

Is that a true democracy where legislators, during 7 consucutive years voted down proposals to increase minimum wages and at the same time voted 5 times to increase their own salaries?

Is that a true democracy where 1% of population owns around 90% of the wealth?

Is that a democracy where the legislators vote to fund wars based on the faked explanations and at the same time have no sincere will to fund medical and dental care?

Unknown said...

Im happy to discuss the Time tested American democracy! to which most iranian immigrants seem to gravitate, when we have an article on the subject.

I won't engage you in endless tangent arguments that has nothing to do with the subject at hand, the crimes against humany committed by the Islamic republic of Iran.

The current Iranian leaders will someday be held accountable for these crimes, whether they like it or not.

The longer the regime waits to right the wrongs, the harsher the punishment will be, when it comes.

I rest my case, as I assume the only response I will get from you will be about America, Israel, or the mission to Mars.

Anonymous said...

My comments (as a response to J. Fazeli) from yesterday, have not been posted so far and I have a reason to suspect your censorship, because I had similar situation in the past that my comments were not posted...
It contradicts your previous "showing" when you ostensibly praised yourself that "WE" published a comment of an blogger who doubted whether his comment will ever be published.
I personally doubted whether that man was a real or one of your "actors" on these blogs.

I disagree with your characterization that my comments have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

It is you who represent and convey US position regarding human rights in the IRI.

These position are meant to secure existence of israel and preventing Islamic Republic of Iran to show to the world, that one does not have to bring the western culture, in order to develop society and economy to the highest levels in that world.

So the sanctions, "human rights" and the lies have to serve that purpose - to prevent Islamic Republic from achieving of those goals (development) mentioned in my previous sentences.

Unknown said...

@anon 6:29
There are no comments pending moderation as of this moment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:29 AM September 14

Bring in Western culture?
You haven't read the history of Iran.
Iran before Islamic invasion contributed and influenced western culture.So "Western"culture is our culture,not that so called culture which the invaders imposed on us.
And besides,the Islamic rapist "republic" has achieved its goals by raping Iran's resources and giving it to their brother terrorists and tyrants. Keeping the people in poverty while the Aghazadehs and their sighei live in the West and hypocritically curse it.