Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ramadi Falls

City of Ramadi on Sunday fell to the Islamic State. Ramadi, the capital of Anbar and the birthplace of Sunni tribal Awakening, fell after Iraqi security forces – army and police – flee from the city, news agencies reported. ISIL announced Sunday night it had captured Ramadi. The loss is a massive defeat to Iraq and its allies and shows the resiliency of the insurgency in the country. In April, ISIL suffered its biggest defeat in Tikrit. Now it has returned with its most significant victory since it captured Mosul nearly a year ago.

Map: CNN
Photo: ISIL photo published in social media showing its fighters in front of the grand mosque in the center of Ramadi (Twitter/@awaisafzalch)
Video: People in Mosul celebrating ISIL capture of Ramadi! (YouTube)


Unknown said...

Were Shia militias present in Ramadi when this happened? If not, this confirms the growing need for a bigger role of Iranian-backed Shia militias in maintaining Iraq's security in the face of ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Agreed,it looks like the sunnis either cannot or will not defend iraq or worse they are actively helping/supporting isis,at any rate the sunnis cannot be relied upon militarily