Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lebanese Hezbollah during Qalamoun offensive

Iranian media imagery published 17MAY15 depicting Lebanese Hezbollah during succeeding offensive in the Qalamoun mountain range, against Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front:

Pro-Syrian Arab Republic 57 mm AZP S-60 autocannon mounted on Mercedes-Benz Unimog series 435 4x4 medium truck

Pro-Syrian Arab Republic ZPU-2 14.5 mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on Toyota Land Cruiser J70 series pickup truck

Lebanese Hezbollah (LH) appearing better ordered and equipped than at any time, having gained considerable battle experience in offensive operations during the Syrian conflict. LH is considered the ablest combat force on the Iran-led coalition side.

Lebanese Hezbollah light infantry squad consisting of riflemen and two grenadiers

Lebanese Hezbollah light infantry equipped with SVD type rifle equipped with telescopic sight, and PKM type general-purpose machine gun  [note: this photo only, published by Reuters]

Lebanese Hezbollah rifleman equipped with AK-type assault rifle. Note semi-subdued organization patches, digital camouflage pattern BDUs and field gear.

Photo depiction of ammo box left behind by withdrawn Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front fighters

Map depiction of Qalamoun offensive dated 16MAY15  [source: PetoLucem]

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency

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