Thursday, May 28, 2015

Battle to Retake Baiji Refinery

Iran-led Shia militias accompanied by Iraqi security forces (ISF) are involved in heavy fighting today to retake the country’s largest oil refinery in Baiji. ISIL holds large section of the sprawling refinery complex.

“We stormed a building inside the Baiji refinery with the support of Hashid Shaabi [Iran-led Popular Mobilization Forces – PMF]. As you can see, we are inside the refinery now. God willing, within the coming few hours, we will liberate the whole refinery and the area outside the refinery with the help of Almighty God,” a member of Iraqi security forces told Al Jazeera TV. (Al Jazeera, 28 May)

Smoke could be seen as the PMF and ISF forces advanced toward the facility, Al Jazeera reported

PMF officials said earlier today that an area of 50km south of the town of Baiji has been retaken. Control of the refinery has been hotly contested for months. Iraqi forces have recaptured the refinery twice before, but lost it to ISIL. This time the Iran-led coalition forces are to recapture and hold the refinery.

File photo: Smoke rising from Baiji Oil Refinery (CNN)

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