Sunday, May 17, 2015

ISIL Seize Ramadi Operations Command Center

On Brink of Capturing the City
AFP quoting Iraqi officials reported today that on Sunday ISIL took the provincial operations command center in Ramadi, putting the insurgents on the brink of capturing the city.

AFP also reported that an estimated 500 civilians and Iraqi troops have been killed in intense fighting in Ramadi. ISIL used a wave of suicide car bombs Thursday and Friday to take over most of the city. Ramadi Police Colonel Jabbar al-Assafi told AFP that government forces have withdrawn from Ramadi city. “The security forces – army and police – have pulled out of Ramadi. They headed to the main highway west of the city,” al-Assafi said. (AFP, 17 May)

“Daesh (ISIL) has just taken full control of all main security bases… Army and police and all forces that were stationed at the Anbar operations center have pulled out,” an army lieutenant colonel who was among the troops that pulled out of command center told AFP.

Photo credit: Photo released by ISIL show a fighter near the grand mosque in central Ramadi (Twitter/@awaisafzich)

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