Monday, May 11, 2015

Iran: Economy Minister Urges Bank to Inject Cash Into Troubled Tehran Stock Exchange

Iran’s Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayebnia today convened an emergency meeting in Tehran of the CEOs of the country’s major banks to assess the liquidity of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and urged them to inject cash into troubled stock exchange market, Tasnim News Agency reported on Monday. (Tasnim/Press TV, 11 May)  

The main index of TSE has been on a downward spiral lately because of low liquidity compounded by the oil slump. Tasnim reported that a number of institutional shareholders also blame TSE management policies for the recent losses. The news agency did not elaborate on specific management policies under question.

File photo: Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) in a january 2011 photo during the height of its activities (IRNA/Press TV) 


Anonymous said...

another facade of the Potemkin Village erected by the theocratic dictatorship crumbles.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise,it's not as rosy as they painted it?

Anonymous said...

It's actually a good time to buy TSE. Think about it, for a few thousand dollars USD spent on a well balanced portfolio, I am predicting targets of high 300% returns, should a nuclear deal is reached. This is probably once in a life time opportunity.


Anonymous said...

did you go big on deutschmarks and Krupps stock in 1941?