Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kurds Are Bulwark Against Islamic Extremism in Syria – YPG Commander

The Kurdish website Rudaw has posted an interview with Sipan Hemo, a commander of the Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG), which is fighting the Islamist faction Jabhat al-Nusra across northern Syria. EAWorldView has republished the post today.
On the YPG’s growing involvement in the conflict:
Some of the Arab villagers support YPG. Actually, it was upon their request that the YPG went there. The Jalagha and Jiburi tribes support the YPG. Most of the region supports the YPG. I have to point out that in the recent clashes we have been fighting against many foreigners, who are entering Syria from Turkey. For instance, the ones killed in Serekaniye were the citizens of other countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. One of the jihadists was a US citizen! Many of the militants killed in Tel Kochar were carrying Iraqi and other passports.
Why the “West” should support Kurdish groups in Syria:
We Kurds are a democratic, progressive, and tolerant people in the region. Look at the Kurdistan Region! It is the best example of what I am saying. None of the Arab nations have reached such an advanced level. Kurdish people have potential to even create better than this. Therefore, it is in the interest of the US and the West to acknowledge the Kurds (in Syria) and their potential….
If Kurds gain status in the Middle East, it will certainly benefit the US and the West as well:
The conflict between the Alawites and Sunnis has reached an irreversible point. This issue can only be resolved through recognizing the Kurds and granting their rights. Nobody other than Kurds can remedy this problem. If the US and the West do not take Kurds into account, radical Islamists will take over, and that will cause Syria to break up.
On relations with Turkey:
Contrary to what has been said, [the YPG] see ourselves as friends of the Turkish people. We side with those who can contribute to the advancement of democracy in the region. If the region gets under the control of radical Islamists, that would be a disaster for the Middle East.
We see radical Islam as a threat not only to ourselves, but also to the Turkish people and the world as well. Our achievements in Syria will be beneficial to the Turkish people and the people in the region.
On the labeling of YPG as the military wing of the Kurdish political movement PYD:
When we decided to form YPG, we not only visited PYD, but also other parties as well. We visited the President of the [Iraqi] Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, too. We have knocked on the doors of many parties, people and leaders.
We told all these people that we were planning to form a military power in Western Kurdistan….
Definitely, PYD helped us out. There are within the YPG, members of other Kurdish parties along with PYD members. Democratic Progressive Party, Kurdish Democratic Union Party, Kurdish Leftist Party, Syrian Kurdish Democrats Party as well as Assyrians and Arabs are also part of YPG units.
I want to repeat once more that we are not military wing of any party! We are under the command of the SKC [Supreme Kurdish Council].
Photo credit: A female member of the Kurdish People's Defense Units YPG. (AFP/Rudaw/EAWorldView)


Anonymous said...

As the adult bloggers have known all along and now even the "western" media is acknowledging the Wahabbi/Salafi cannibals created by the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf petro-pimpdoms are alienating every segment of secular and educated Syrian society with their cannibalistic campaign of Takfiri cannibalism and rape. The depraved Saudis have declared Fatwa's to rape and murder Syrian women and children as they are "non-believers". According to the sick House of Saud, Christians, Kurds, Shias and all non-Salafi Muslims are fair game to kill. Interestingly, Iraqi and Iranian special forces officers of Kurdish origin are playing a very active role in organizing the pro-Assad Kurds of Syria.

The Kurds of Eastern Syria were always supporters of a united Syrian Arab Republic and now with Salafis on a campaign of murder and rape, the Kurds are fighting back and staunchly supporting the legitimate government of President Assad. Almost all of the "Syrian Rebels" are now in reality, brianwashed madrassa Wahabbi freaks from the Maghreb, Cauacus, Af-Pak with a sprinkling of Wahabbi hate-mongering animals from Saudi Arabia. The Saudis, Qatar and the petro-pimps of the Persian Gulf are so despeate now that they are forcing poor laborers from Af-Pak, Yemen, Egypt and others to join the Takfiri terros campaign in Syria. Pakistan which is the breeding ground of global Saudi funded terror has opened its jails and pushed these Wahabbi criminals into Syria. The brave and cohesive Syrian military has simply kicked the living crap out of these scum and now the "rebellion" is practically over as the desperate US an its puppets figure out whether to commit to a suicidal war or not.

Beirut: Hundreds of men who took up arms against President Bashar al-Assad are defecting back to the government side.

Disillusioned by the Islamist twist that the "revolution" in Syria has taken, exhausted after more than two years of conflict and feeling that they are losing, growing numbers of rebels are signing up to a negotiated amnesty offered by the Assad regime.

At the same time, the families of retreating fighters have begun quietly moving back to government-controlled territory, seen as a safer place to live as the regime continues its intense military push against rebel-held areas.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Getting Laid For Allah
by James Dunnigan
July 22, 2013

Several Sunni Moslem religious leaders have recently issued religious rulings (fatwas) that permit Moslem women to go to Syria and have sex with rebel soldiers to improve the moral of these holy warriors. The lucky guys must be Moslem and fighting as a religious duty, not as mercenaries or just for the adventure of it all. Some of these fatwas permit husbands to offer their wives to rebel fighters. All this is meant to encourage more men to go and fight against the pro-Iranian Syrian government. This is all part of the growing hostility between Sunni Islam (about 70 percent of Moslems and led by Saudi Arabia) and Shia Islam (about 30 percent of Moslems and led by Iran). Some religious leaders have even issued fatwas allowing rebels in Syria to rape Shia Moslem women they encounter there. This fatwa came with some restrictions. The rapists must not have had sex (with a woman) for at least two years and the rape should not last more than a few hours so as to not permanently harm the victim and to allow the maximum number of rebels to have at it.

This sort of religious permission for rape is nothing new, its an ancient tradition. In wartime many women will voluntarily offer sex as a morale booster for men on their side. In the United States, during World War II, there were thousands of "V-Girls" or "Victory Girls," who might be more accurately described as "war groupies." These young women were willing to give their all for the boys in uniform. This practice was not condoned by any (or at least not many) American clergy at the time.

Every war has its V-Girls and that includes the war on terror. Despite the severe restrictions on women in the Islamic world, there have long been reports of Moslem V-Girls. The official permission for such behavior is complicated by the fact that just about any Moslem can issue a fatwas. The more senior Islamic scholars and clerics are constantly trying to neutralize the effects of self-proclaimed "religious authorities" issuing defective (in terms of law or interpretation) fatwas. This has become a serious problem with the availability of satellite television and radio, which can spread a bad fatwa (like one that falsely accuses someone of being a heretic and calls on all Moslems to try and kill the poor guy). This was never a problem in pre-radio days. Back then, a fatwa was simply a religious interpretation (or just opinion) given to a small group of people or an individual. But now, an inspiring (and often unscrupulous) preacher can get on satellite TV or a radio show and issue all manner of religiously incorrect and dangerous fatwas.

The government of Saudi Arabia is trying to counter this by getting large numbers of Sunni religious scholars to agree on some standards for who can issue a fatwa, and what a fatwa can do. This is no small matter to Islamic scholars, and the Saudis are spending a lot of money to transport (to Saudi Arabia) and house (in fine style) the most respected Islamic scholars for conferences on the fatwa issue. Shia Islam has less of a problem with this because their clergy is more highly organized with a widely recognized hierarchy of clerics.

Despite that, Islam has never had a central power that could decide organizational or religious issues. There are many sects, and some are murderously hostile to each other. Westerners like to say that what Islam needs is a Martin Luther (the Christian cleric who got the Protestant Reformation going 500 years ago). But in this case, what Islam really needs is a pope, someone who has the final word on all these religious arguments. When Islamic radicals get to arguing over these matters, their final argument is often murder, not another theological interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Seems like most FSA units have either evaporated due to heavy casualties/loss of equipment and lack of replacements of both men/hardware/munitions or disbanded and assimilated back into everday life which is possible because they are native Syrians (many of them pardoned by the government for participating in the foreign funded insurrection). The only units that are still active are the ones that belong to Jabhat Al Nusra and other Al-Qaeda affiliated groups (they are almost exclusively comprised of foreigners that have sneaked their way into the country at the call of Jihad). They still hold onto portions of the country and won't be dislodged anytime soon. It is now a war of attrition without any side being able to make any significant headway. Assad still sits safe even though the conflict is a stalemate.

Anonymous said...

Kurdish militia groups are with the SAA...Al-Qaeda radical terrorists are forced to fight on several fronts resulting in a sapping of strength. Long Live Assad! Long live a free and secular Syria!

Yossarian said...

Dunnigan is a certifiable moron. I've known of the man, and have been reading his works since the late 80's. Anything is says about the Middle East, just believe the opposite.

Anonymous said... --- US still ponder whether or not they should "fix" Syria. --- Discussion on the possiblity of stepped up US intervention in Syria to help the "freedom fighters/activists".

Anonymous said...

You may be right, the Strategypage blog that he writes for is sheer drivel and a Zionist wishful thinking fest. But, the atrocities that these Wahabbi cannibals and rapists are committing in Syria are for real and indeed turning the Syrians against these murdering foreign criminals.

Anonymous said...

ICG Report: Most Syrians have dropped out of the revolution after Assad offensive

LONDON — After more than two years of civil war, much of Syria has
refused to become drawn into the violence between the regime of President
Bashar Assad and Sunni rebels, a report said.

The International Crisis Group asserted that much if not most of Syria
has dropped out of the Sunni revolt against Assad. In a report, ICG said
even former rebel strongholds have stopped becoming areas of operations
amid the sweep by President Assad's forces throughout the country.

Based on interviews with rebels, Syrian officials and witnesses, ICG said many communities have been crushed into submission by the Assad offensive. The report, dated June 27, cited Daraya, Homs, Qudsaya, Rastan,
Talbissa and Tal Kalakh.

“Large cities such as Hama and Idlib have remained under regime control
despite strong pro-opposition leanings, mainly out of fear of suffering the
all-out destruction visited upon Homs, Dera, Dir Al Zour and Aleppo,” the
report said. “In the western coastal area, specifically Tartous and Latakia,
an explosive mix of Sunnis, Alawites, Christians and displaced persons from
other parts of the country appears to have prompted a collective reflex of
self-preservation and cemented — at least for now — a truce of sorts,
allowing relatives of people fighting each other elsewhere to coexist peacefully.”

The report said much of the minority areas, particularly the Druze, was
drifting toward neutrality or pro-Assad as Al Qaida-aligned militias sought to dominate the Syrians and have committed large scale atrocities on the secular population.

This included the Sweida province and the Ismaili town of Salmiya in central

The report also exposed US and CIA funding of most of the "defecting" Syrian police and military.

The United States has been paying thousands of Syrian
police officers who deserted the regime of President Bashar Assad.

Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama has approved
tens of millions of dollars to pay the salaries of police officers who joined
the rebels. They said the officers were working to maintain order in
rebel-controlled territory, mostly in northern Syria.

In an address to the Aspen Security Forum on July 19, Rick Barton, the Assistant Secretary responsible for State Department destabilization operations in Syria, did not say how many Syrian police deserters were on the U.S. payroll. He said the officers were receiving about $150 per month, a significant salary in Syria. With the rebels in disarray the US is desperately trying to shore up a dying insurgency against a determined Syrian government and its allies.

The address marked a rare disclosure of direct U.S. aid to Salafi rebels in Syria. Congress has approved more than $50 million for the Syrian opposition, much of which has not been spent as US policy is in disarray since the hijacking of Syrian "rebels" by foreign Islamists allied with al-Qaida.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJuly 25, 2013 at 8:36 PM
I could not agree more,especially about strategypage a right wing zionist blog pretending to be a military site yuck!

Anonymous said...

these are the actual words of the ICG, rather than those imputted to it.

" In its own way but with much the same result, the opposition is nearly impossible to eliminate. There are differences, of course. It is pluralistic and deeply divided, its structures improvised and shifting and its foreign backers less consistent and more uncoordinated. Still, and not unlike the regime, it has acquired a critical and resilient mass of support at least partially immune to the ups and downs of its performance. The large underclass that is its core constituency has suffered such extreme regime violence that it can be expected to fight till the end."

Anonymous said... --- You have to watch this video to understand the war in Syria.

Anonymous said... --- Syria war was planned back in 2006

Anonymous said...

This may help you is understanding the Syrian situation a bit better:

Syrian army and Hezbollah units capture Homs - opening way to Aleppo and decisive Assad victory and a end to the Salafi terror campaign

Three months after winning the strategic town of Al Qusayr, the combined Syrian and Hizballah armies assisted by Iranian advisors have captured the historic Muslim Brotherhood city of Homs, 162 kilometers northeast of the capital Damascus. Western media, military and intelligence sources report that Sunday, July 28, jeeps with recoilless guns, pick-up trucks with anti air guns - all loaded with defeated and dejected Salafi Farouq Brigades fighters were to be seen fleeing the city. As they fled, Syrian and Hezbollah army tanks facing no resistance rolled into the center of Homs, the old city and the Khladiyeh district and hoisted images of President Bashar Assad, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Iran's Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

The fall of Homs, which the Saudi funded Wahabbi terrorists had designated from the start of the uprising “capital of the revolution,” opens the way for Syrian-Hezbollah forces to move north on Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.

Aleppo’s impending capture would grant President Assad a decisive victory in his war against foreign Salafi terrorist and confer on the Lebanese Shia military group Hizballah for the first time the unique standing of an armed force with strategic capabilities, as well as giving the Iran-Syrian-Iraqi-Hezbollah alliance a major military and political boost. It also reinvigorates the Shia's position as the sword arm of Islam with invincible fighting spirit. The collapse of the US, Turkish and Saudi Salafi front is also a resounding victory for the Syrian military that has boosted its reputation as the toughest Arab military power.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Obama and Putin have been waiting for each other mistake in order to commence their own planned actions.

Currently, Obama and the West are waiting until B. Assad will bleed its forces and defeat Al-Nusra and Al Queda.
At the same time the US and West will train,arm and "freshen" the FSA as well to plan new offensive against tired forces of Assad.

It would be helpful for them to decapitate the leadership led by Assad, before that planned offensive. In 2012; simultaneously, an assasination of the Syrian leadership and offensives on Damascus and Aleppo had taken place at the same time, however they missed to take Assad out.
Was it a coincidence or a well planed action?
Was the FSA able to carry out that kind of plan on their own, or someone with a satellite recoinassance coordinated those actions???

Are they going to take Assad out this time before implementing others part of their strategy?

Looks like a creation of separate state for those backing Assad or his replacement will be needed like it was in 1920s, and Russia may probably support that kind of solutions.


Anonymous said...

No matter what the US/Zionist idiots and their Wahabbi poodles do, the sheer DEMOGRAPHICS favor President Assad, Iran and Russia. Without actual Egyptian or Turkish direct military intervention (which is impossible as both are imploding themselves)Syrian regime even if Assad is "assassinated" can not be overthrown. The Baath party and the military will simply replace him as the Alevis, Christians, Druze, Kurds and all minorities support him and are petrified of raping, pillaging and murdering Salafi/Wahabbi cannibals taking over and turning Syria into a Saudi style Wahabbi Sharia hell. As the cretin Dempsey said, Syria is very expensive for the failed US deadbeat anyway as even a minor intervention will cost over $1 billion a month or more. If the US got involved in a suicidal swan song war, the bankrupt US stasi state will collapse.

This is not the Russia of drunken Yeltsin, Putin is a very astute player and is intent on asserting Russia as a global superpower and his alliance with China, Iran and even India is very carefully calibrated. Most Russians will tell you that they want to even the score for what the US and its stooges did to them in Afghanistan in the 1980's and now the Russian bear is intent on humiliating the dying US and bleeding it throughout the region. The Chinese are also very content to see the US die by a death of thousand cuts while they benefit economically and sign lucrative deals in the region. The Middle east "Arab Spring" will last a decade or two and then the outcome and blowback will haunt the US and its Zionist mutts for eternity. This is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:33AM

Thanks for your valuable information and attention to my late comments...


Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:52PM

Sorry for my mistaken comment posted at 10:20PM.
It was meant to reply to your 8:52PM comments.

Again, Thanks for your valuable information and your attention as well as a correction of my late comments.

I would like to add, that my previously expressed views about situation in Syria look maybe to dark in the light of the recent Assad's victories, but any symphatizer of Syrian people's wellbeing, has to analyze worst case scenarios.

US solutions and goals are primarily based on protection of the Zionist entity and expansion of zones of the US influences.
They don't care too much that a price for their goals would be the lives of tens if not the hundred of thousands of innocent victims, like it has happened in Irag and other parts of the world.