Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Pics: Imam Ali (AS) Square renovation project, Isfahan

Renovation project structures in varying state of assembly

Square's tile work in states of assembly

Active tower and hydraulic construction cranes evident at Atigh Square renovation site

Atigh Square's transportation infrastructure in phase of improvement

Modern construction techniques applied to the historic site

Steel skeleton framing erected to better serve the restoration effort

Traditional masonry workers applying their trade

Detail of masonry worker completing an arch

Iranian workers transporting tiles about the work site

Photos: Alireza Akhiaghi at Isfahan Metropolis News Agency


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. Very timely and wise project as a cornerstone of Shiaism and projection of Imam Ali's (AS) importance to Iranians and the Shia majority in the region from Lebanon, Iraq , Bahrain and to large Shia populations in Af-pak and India. Actually, there are more Shias in India's 200 million Muslims than Iran.

Anonymous said...

Are you Indian Shia?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am Indian Shia Muslim.Are you Iranian?

Anonymous said...

No, I am a humble Iranian from Rasht, but have traveled widely and worked throughout the region and hence understand the social, religious, economic and cultural dynamics. Iranian,Iraqi and Syrian religious sites and institutions are very important to the 350 million plus Shia diaspora. That is the primary reason the government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad can never be overthrown by the takfiri terrorists. It is all about demographics and as Vali Nasr (who lived in Pakistan for a decade) in his book Shia Revival accurately pointed out before being kicked out from the State Department's advisory role, the Shias of the region who were underdogs for a long time consider Iran as their leader and there is growing resurgent Shia power based on unity and numbers. Just for your information the Sayyida Zainab shrine in central Damascus also holds a place of special reverence for the Shia and is now guarded by thousands of Iranian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Bahraini and other devout Shais from the diaspora as far as Africa. It is good to understand Iranian and Shia cultures to appreciate the regional developments and not get carried away by propaganda and wishful thinking. Another objective book by a westerner Nicholas Pelham from the University of Manchester and writes for Economist, A NEW MUSLIM ORDER and the Shias of the Middle east is worth reading. Hope this is helpful for your understanding of Shiaism and its place in Iran and the world.

Anonymous said...

Make your mind up are a Shia from India or an Iranian from Rasht?

Anonymous said...

Shia from Turan!

Anonymous said...

Iranian Shia from America. Long live Imam Ali, and Long live Iran.