Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rouhani Negotiates With Majlis Over Cabinet--Iran

By: Jabbar Fazeli, MD

The Iranian newspaper "Kayhan", who's editor is a direct appointee by the supreme leader Khamenei, reports that the president elect Rouhani had his first meeting with Majlis to "consult" over the composition of his cabinet.

Overshadowing this small headline, you can see the main front page headline which is about the hard liners' positions on how  the "subversive" elements have no place in the new cabinet. "Subversive elements" is a code word for regime reformists, especially those involved with the "green movement".


Anonymous said...

The Green Movement is still alive... its followers were the ones seen celebrating in the streets of Tehran after Rouhanis victory. Instead of wearing small green pieces of cloth tied around their wrists and fingers or around their necks, they switched to purple colored ones... the choice to retain a color coding and sport the color in the same way as in 2009 is proof that its followers are still active and this time they voted for Rouhani.

Anonymous said...

Great, purple is a better colour and in any case in any democratic set-up the cabinet has to be ratified by the Parliament or Congress. Iran is no exception. It is good to see pluralistic peaceful democratic processes in Iran. Hopefully, Rohani can get a better foreign minister than Ahmadinejad's fool Mottaki and totally useless and ineffective Salehi who should go back to teaching nuclear physics if he still remembers any.

Iran needs a cosmopolitan foreign minister and a complete revamp of its foreign office and ambassadorial appointments. After the revolution a lot of the uneducated mullah cousins, butchers, bazaaris and street thugs became ambassadors who would not have a clue about their hosting nation or ability to operate in a sophisticated global diplomatic environment.

Iran needs to have a professional merit based diplomatic and intelligence service that taps into the cream of Iranian universities as well as foreign based diaspora. In plain English, less mullahs and more educated technocrats.

Anonymous said...

Khatami mark two.

Another four years of useless claptrap and plasma transfusions for a slowly dying regime.
Anon 2:25 can you tell me how can you have less mullahs and more educated technocrats when the technocrats themselves come from the same class of people the mullahs have brainwashed for generations? Even if these people are educated they believe the nonsense coming out of the mouth of a mullah.
The foreign based diaspora has left the country because of these ignorant criminals.For your wishes to come true the regime and its system must go.

Anonymous said...

Aon 2:15,

I agree with your assessment. I have been few times to Iran since revolution and very recently this year. The middle class have disappeared to foreign lands and the towns have been overtaken by pseudo religious peasants from the County side who all speak with village accents Most of these people have filled in technocratic positions and invariably you can associate them to the so called believers in this religious nonsense that has plagued the country for over three decades now. The chance of findings anyone with secular/non religious thinking in higher positions is practically non existents. Those people who have left Iran and live abroad they did so for one reason. They would never come back short of change of regime and having a secular government.

It is also disappointing to note that this religious nonsense has been force fed into new generations of Iranians. In short it is a cultural thing and sadly as much as we like to think otherwise or see ourselves as being different from other nations, we are culturally backward. It is not that mullahs and cronies are feeding nonsense. Ii is because people are believing this nonsense! If that is indeed the case, there is no other justification except that people in that so called glorious land believe in those mosakhrafat!

Whether we like it or not that is the culture of that country and it is not going to change overnight. It is an evolutionary process. In short it does not matter if they put any clown in the front, under the bonnet they are all the same. Iran nowadays is ruled by a bunch of Mullahs, Bazaries and Gadazadeh. Don’t expect any miracle. To make life easier for myself, I don’t think about it anymore. As a friend of mine put it over twenty years ago when I met it in Iran “accept the fact that tree grows sideways in this country and get on with it”. There is no point raising hope about some turban head taking over. The guy was sitting behind Khomeini in France and this is the guys we are hoping to rescue our Country. Frankly I would not trust them to take my dog for a walk.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:45

So true.We have over two thousand six hundred years of history and it has been boild down to this.Following a bunch of Mullahs,Bazaries,Gadazadeh and Gandzadeh.

Anonymous said...

Actually real Persian history dates back to about 6,000 years of recorded history and carbon dating implements and agriculture takes it back over 12,000 years. However, mullah madness and Arabization is merely 1400 years old and even that is modified via Shiasm to conform to Iran's rich Persian heritage. I firmly believe that after Khamenei, the mullahdom will collapse and that is the reason he let a "moderate" mullah like Rohani become President. Unless the clergy gets back to Qom and stop restricting peoples lives, they will create a massive backlash which like Egypt will eventually erupt.