Sunday, July 14, 2013

Unforgettable Iran Air experience - Video

Sam Chui flies into Iran just to get the chance of return flying aboard the restored and upgraded, classic Iran Air Boeing 747-286BM 'Azarabadegan,' EP-IAG (cn 21217/291).

Interesting travel details for Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini airports, as well as IranAir flight details from a highly motivated aviation enthusiast


Anonymous said...

Mr. Chui has done an excellent job as an ambassador of goowill towards Iran. Imagine him taking pictures at a US gulag airport with a Chinese face, he would have faced an "enhanced interrogation" by Zionist trained TSA thugs, then waterboarded, hurled racist abuse and then if lucky sent to GITMO to face lifelong cavity searches and forced feedings.

It is indeed remarkable how pristine the condition of the 37 year old airliner is. It is a glowing testament to the ingenuity, skills and technical know how of Iranian engineers, crew and IranAir staff. Also shows the open and free atmosphere at the airport. It is always a pleasure to fly into Iran and taste the free air and hospitality of the homeland.

Anonymous said...

How horrible must it be to live in iran that Mark seemingly spends all of his (unemployed? ) days surfing the net for pictures of life in iran instead of going to live there himself?

I give him credit for one thing - although he shamelessly lies to us about iran he isn't dumb enough to believe his own lies.

Anonymous said...

I believe that is a misunderstanding here
this guy flew to tehran with iran air, back with mahan air
he did not fly with emirate

Anonymous said...

At least Mark spends his time with positive and informative posts about Iran and the world, while you are using your scarce foodstamps allocated coupons on sheer negativity and spite. What a waste of deadbeat US taxpayers dollars.

Anonymous said...

Come on now! You should know better by now that most of the factory workers in Iran are not paid for over nine months at a time.Even if average Iranian has a job and is being paid they can't afford to by a kilo of meat or sometimes to put bread on the table.And if the Iranian workers protest they are taken away and are told they are waring against god.Which will carry the death sentence.At least in the US you have social security and food stamps and are free to protest.Your useless diatribes and personal attacks on this anon shows what sort of a person you are.Funny thing is,I bet you live in the US or Cananda.