Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Iran Air Fokker 100 maintenance at Merhrabad

Iran Air technicians atop wing of Fokker 100 (F-28-0100)  EP-CFM (cn 11394)
Posted 7/26/13 at Iran Air on Facebook

Fokker 100 (F-28-0100) EP-IDA (cn 11292) in front of Iran Air overhaul hangar
Photographed 7/1/13 by Mehrad Watson /

Fokker 100 (F-28-0100) EP-CFL (cn 11343) inside Iran Air's Azadi Hangar
Photographed May 2013 by Mehrad Watson /


Anonymous said...

Wow, look! They can climb on top of the wings of the Fokker 100
Great achievement for the IRI

Anonymous said...

Good aircraft and it is indeed a great achievement as very few countries can overhaul a complex aircraft without any assistance from the manufacturers. Iranians should be proud indeed.

B.M.A said...

you are a hopeless joke!! with your tasteless sarcasm !-GIVE these young scientists some few years in the future and you will here something!.-This is what your Masters fear of the Nation and its potential hence their crazy sanction and childish allegations .

Anonymous said...

You are a joke! when you don't even know the defenition of a scientist !!
Maybe where you come from, anyone who can open up the lid of a jet engine is considered a scientist. In other parts of the world they are called flight technicians.
There is no evidence of a major overhaul of these planes in these pictures.
Your beloved IRI is very good at propganda and shear lies, hence the doubt about what these "scientists" are doing on the top of the wing of the airplane.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 9:29 AM here.Since the very begining the IRI is made up and is based on pure lies and propaganda.Remember when that hateful old man said,"There will be free oil and gas to your homes"... "Water and electricty will be free"..."Buses will be free"...."Houses will be free"..."Don't worry about anything,we will increase your dignity".What a total liar.