Sunday, July 21, 2013

Social scene at Chitgar artificial lake in Tehran

Women sit at steps before recently constructed Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake and its surrounding park appear well attended

Lighted fountains appear to be the childrens' favorite

Carriage rides for hire

Safety vests evident for boat revelers on the lake

Senior citizen engaged in kite flying. Note ongoing construction in the distance.

Onset of dusk at the lake's park walkway

Children at play on the swordfish sculpture

View of the lake's walkway circuit

Ornamental garden with multi-lighted sculpture in the distance

Even at night kids can't seem to get enough of the lighted fountains

 Photos: Hamid Faragallah on Facebook


Mark Pyruz said...

Photos were taken late spring or early summer, 2013.

Anonymous said...

Good happy people on the whole. The government will broaden its support base even more if it eased up on the social restrictions and let young people breathe. A woman without a chador or people having a drink in their homes is hardly going to undermine the great Iranian nation. One of the primary reason besides the state of the economy, that many Iranians are voting with their feet and trying to immigrate overseas is the stifling social controls. Mullahs are generally hypocrites like their US Christian bible or Zionist torah thumpers and want to enforce an un-Iranian Arab imposed Bedouin social mores harking back to the 7th century. These social restrictions are perhaps going to undermine the mullahcracy and eventually lead to implosion. Hopefully Rohani, despite being a mullah will take heed and implement some social easing or the pressure cooker is on (no pun intended).

mat said...

It is just amazing especially when night falls. What else to say.

Anonymous said...

Are there any young people and transients with large backpacks and hoods on their heads, during a good weather at that lake?.

Do they have pierced noses, mouths with "jewerly" and sport tatoos on their body parts, including their faces ?.

Does the park permit to make graffitis on the walkways and a trash litters the vicinity, because garbage containers are scarce (due to budget "cuts" for military and surveillance spendings)?.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:37Am
There is a difference between your characterization that the religious situations in the US (West) is similar to that in the Islamic Republic.

In short, the religious mentality of majorities in the West serve and please , in reality, satan's purposes more than their religious goals.

In the Islamic Republic, religion of the population's majority contributes to the unity of the country, and use to mitigate an enemy's influence on the Iranian society..

In Iran without the dominant religion, it would be a matter of time to see its population divided and its teritory fragmented and separated into different separate entities.


Anonymous said...

What kind of rambling is this (Anon6:12)...? :\

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:12PM

Nobody feels interested in your bizarre utopian dream.

Anonymous said...

When was that project - the lake; designed, commenced as well as completed?

Implementation of that kind recreational project has brought a top atmosphere of a serenity, and a healthy form of an joy to the Tehran's population...