Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Takeaways from Iranian National Aerospace Exhibition 2014

Identification and brief analysis of open source amateur photos taken during fifth Iranian National Aerospace Exhibition held from 21OCT14 to 24OCT14 at Mehrabad International Airport (THR / OIII) in Tehran.

MADO unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) powerplants and propellors

Display of a MADO 550 4-cylinder, horizontally opposed 2-cycle engine (and parts) with applications on Iranian-manufactured unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) types.

Detail of MADO MD550 engine variant of Limbach L550 type

Side view of MADO MD550 displayed with shortened velocity stacks of possibly plastic material

Detail of MD550 engine parts including cylinder, piston, rings, crankcase half, wrist pin and small end needle bearing

MADO Wankel-type single-rotor engine similar in appearance to Chinese BMP MDR-208

MADO MD275 2-cylinder, horizontally opposed 2-cycle engine

MADO 1-cylinder 2-cycle engine types including MD26 with parts breakdown

Detail of MADO 1-cylinder 2-cycle engine types

COMMENTARY: Exactness in appearance to Limbach and BMP types strongly suggests Iranian acquisition of original source CNC machine G-code files for manufacturing. Very brief TV news segment imagery depicting Iranian CNC machining of MD engines can be seen HERE.

Display stand of MADO two-blade pusher propellor types for UAV applications, also CNC machined in manufacture

Exhibition handout for MADO aviation propellor

Fars Afzar Kimiya Company machined aviation components

Exhibition display booth for Fars Afzar Kimiya Company

Display case of CNC machined aviation parts including impellers and seals. Above parts appear to be cut from billet aluminum and ceramic material.

Detail of various machined impeller and seal types

Detail of various machined seals including labyrinth seal types

Exhibition display case including CNC machined suction and discharge valve  seals machined from PEEK and PTFE materials.

Display case for what appears to be CNC machined parts belonging to pump assemblies including check valve

Various CNC machined parts including worm-gear types assemblies

Various CNC machined parts including stainless steel ball valves

COMMENTARY: Fars Afzar Kimiya Company website provides a number of images of CNC machines including that of a German-made SPINNER T65 CNC lathe likely obtained by Iran during the Khatami administration.

Rayan Electronic Farda and Rayan Pardazesh electronics components

Rayan Electronic Farda DPAD 170 EO/IR gyro-stabilized  sensor ball for UAV applications

Rayan Pardazesh uncooled imaging infrared (IIR) seeker with fire-and-forget and lock-on before launch capability

Bottom center: Rayan Pardazesh TV seeker with fire-and-forget and lock-on before launch capability

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