Saturday, November 22, 2014

Iran Nuclear: No Final Deal in Sight; Framework Agreement or Extension of Talks Possible

After a third day of intensive and serious nuclear talks in Vienna, the two sides have not been able to strike a final deal with only 2 days left before Monday’s expiration of the interim agreement, JPOA. Instead they are now trying to draft a framework agreement summing up the areas they could agree upon after 12 months of negotiations, and also identifying the areas of disagreement that would need further work. But if they could not agree even on a framework, then they might extend the talks for another 6-12 months. 


Mark Pyruz said...

Nima Shirazi provides us with a humorous look back at the "countdown to nothing":

Anonymous said...

If you think a mafia group that uses violence to keep its people on line will behave you're nuts.

Anonymous said...

U.S is being trying to engage Iran till it's forces leave Afghanistan and use Iran's land for this purpose.Unfortunately they have extended it for another one year during this India will be engaged with Pakistan