Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Iran Navy ’32nd Fleet’ sent to Gulf of Aden

According to PressTV:
The 32nd fleet of the Iranian Navy has left the country's southern port of Bandar Abbas for the Gulf of Aden to provide security for shipping lines in the region.
The fleet of warships, which includes the Jamaran destroyer and Bushehr logistic vessel, left Bandar Abbas on Tuesday.
The flotilla will sail through the strategic Strait of Hormuz, Bandar Jask, the Sea of Oman, Makran region, north of the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and the strait of Bab al-Mandab.
It has been dispatched to the Gulf of Aden to protect the Islamic Republic’s interests in remote waters.
That would be IRINS Jamaran guided missile frigate and IRINS Bushehr replenishment ship, see file media below:
IRINS Jamaran (76) Moudge class guided missile frigate (FFGH)

IRINS Bushehr (422) Bandar Abbas class replenishment ship (AORLH)


Anonymous said...

2 old rust buckets do not make a "fleet".

Anonymous said...

How is Jamaran an "old Rust bucket"?

Farzam said...

Jamaran is brand new, it was launched in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Iran launches first indigenous frigate
Iran has commissioned its first indigenously built frigate, Jamaran, during a ceremony at Bandar Abbas on 19 February.

Built under the Mowj project, Jamaran is referred to locally as a 'destroyer', although the design is based on the Iranian Navy's existing 1960s-vintage British-built Alvand-class (Vosper Mk 5) frigates.

According to local state-owned media reports, the ship displaces 1,420-1,500 tons, which is the size of a light frigate or corvette.

Although the frigate does not have a hangar, space has been provided for a flight deck capable of operating an AB 212 helicopter. It is Iran's first helicopter-capable surface combatant; the earlier Alvand-class frigates are fitted with gun and missile systems at the stern.


calling it a rust bucket is wrong, just as calling a frigate and a supply ship a fleet is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Anon 11:22...but i can understand why he would think like that. Jamaran has a '70s design.

Anonymous said...

the design is based on the Iranian Navy's existing 1960s-vintage British-built Alvand-class (Vosper Mk 5) frigates.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:23 here

Yeah, there you go....it's even older than i thought. I based my assumption on how it looks without knowing for a fact that it actually is a 1960s design. Its vintage design is easily recognizable. Do a search on modern frigates... they look nothing like the Jamaran.

Anonymous said...

Iran's Jamaran Moudge Class multi purpose light guided missile frigate. It is the first ship from four in its class. More ships in its class are under construction to be added to the Iranian Naval fleets.
Launched: 2007 Completed: 2010
Armament: missiles, torpedoes, modern naval cannons
1 × 76 mm DP rapid fire auto-cannon
1 × Fath 40 mm AA cannon; Bofors copy
4 × SSMs C-802 / Noor
2 × crew served 20 mm Oerlikon cannons
2 × triple 324 mm light torpedoes
4 × Fajr SAMs
1 x Bell 212 ASW helicopter
Jamaran is equipped with modern radars and electronic warfare capabilities.

Iran may call a light frigate and a resupply ship a Fleet but really what is that 2 ship Fleet really going to do when it meets the US 5th Fleet in the Gulf, I think absolutely nothing.
The US 5th Fleet is currently deployed in the Persian Gulf, and as of Feb. 23, the naval forces included: 2 carriers, 20 ships, 103 strike aircraft, approximately 20,000 sailors and marines.

Anonymous said...

The mullahs are running on hot air and corruption and Iran technically has no military. Its airforce is an airfarce with 60's vintage non-airworthy museum pieces, the navy is small and directly related to WW2 and the army has no modern armor but 40's tanks like M-48 and 50's Russian T-55 and Polish T-72 (an even inferior export version of the original Russian tank). It is quite sad and pathetic, considering the ludicrous state of the once most modern Iranian forces under the Shah, when Iran perhaps one of the had the most modern militaries in the world. The ignorant mullahs are a curse upon the Iranian nation, no wonder Iran is the only nation where the majority of the population wants to immigrate anywhere even the Australian run immigration gulags of Nauru are preferable.

Anonymous said...

It has modern Russian/Chinese radar and it can carry a helo
It has good weapons too
4 x Noor or Qader anti-ship missiles
1 x 76 mm Fajr-27 naval gun
1 x 40 mm Fath-40 AAA
2 x 20 mm cannons
4 x Mehrab Missiles reverse engineering of SM-1 SAM or Raad Missiles
2 x triple 324 mm torpedoes
2 x 12.7 mm heavy machine guns

Anonymous said...

My friend, let's face facts that even moth-eaten and charity case Pakistan next door has a better navy with Chinese F-22P frigates in large numbers and modern French Agosta class submarines, with greater battery life, diving depth, and lower noise signature. Iran unfortunately has been the victim of mullah takeover and Shah's sad and premature demise. If the Shah had lived then undoubtedly Iranian navy would have been the best and most modern in the region with US Kidd class destroyers and more modern Kortenaer class frigates from the Netherlands. The total order for was 4 Kidd class and 8 more frigates. That would have made Iran the most potent naval power in the Indian Ocean along with the 300 canceled F-16. The corrupt ignorant mullahs have isolated Iran and are turning it into another Pakistan with unheard of acid attacks on women now. It is beyond sad what has happened to a great nation like Iran and the tolerant and hard working Persian character.